Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 581

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Madam Fulcher seemed to have guessed Diana’s thoughts, and smiled.

“Silly girl, I’m fine. Remember, I promised you I’d live a long and healthy life. I’m in good shape now.
Right now, I just want to make a bet with you.”

A glimmer flickered in Madam Fulcher’s eyes, and Diana’s features seemed to be deeply imprinted in
them. Madam Fulcher looked like she dearly wanted to hold Diana in her arms, and her eyes were filled
with love.

Madam Fulcher genuinely loved Diana.

And she truly felt heartache for her.

She wanted to live a long life in this world, and await the day Diana and Julian would reconcile and
have children.

But now…

Her heart twinged with pain and her vision blurred, and certain things became unclear, only appearing
as a blur.

Madam Fulcher knew her illness was acting up.

After years of enduring and training, she had long mastered the skill of remaining calm and composed
even in the face of great challenges. She was confident she could hide her physical condition from
Diana and prevent the latter from noticing.

When she spoke, her voice was louder and clearer than usual. “I just want to see which of us is right. I
want you to confirm Julian’s feelings.”

She was certain the person who had bound her and Diana to this place was definitely not Julian.


They were very likely being held hostage by Kayla, which was why Julian had no choice but to
announce his engagement to her publicly.

Madam Fulcher knew she had to get Diana out of this place before something happened to Diana.

As long as Diana was safe, Julian would be free to act.

Perhaps he could even fight for a chance for Madam Fulcher to live.

However, all this relied on Diana successfully escaping and being unaware of Madam Fulcher’s current
physical condition. Otherwise, Diana would never leave her side.

As Madam Fulcher thought everything through and made the best preparations, she also prepared for
the worst.

She took a deep breath and said, “If I win, you’ll continue to be part of our family and remarry Julian.”


Diana felt this was too hasty, and there were still things she hadn’t thought through. It was all a mess
and very much unclear to her. But Madam Fulcher didn’t plan to give her a chance to react and
interrupted her, “If I lose, and you confirm that Julian truly has no feelings for you and only treated you
as a substitute, then you can do whatever you want to them. I will take care of it.”

The last sentence tempted Diana. “Whatever I want?”

’Whatever you want.”

With Madam Fulcher’s assurance, combined with James’s downfall, Diana suddenly felt that bringing
the matter of the grave to light and seeking justice for the babies had a greater chance. Even if Julian
didn’t love her, he would have to consider Madam Fulcher’s feelings and provide a solution.

’Okay, I agree.”

Madam Fulcher breathed a sigh of relief and released Diana’s hand. “Good.”

Madam Fulcher moved her arm with great difficulty, covering her heart as sweat formed on her face.

’To verify our bet, we need to start acting now.”

’ Acting?” Diana noticed Madam Fulcher’s obvious discomfort, and her heart skipped a beat. She
immediately made a decision. “You’re not acting at all right now!”

How could acting be so realistic?

Tears welled up in her eyes as Diana frantically called out for help. “Hans! Hans! Grandma isn’t feeling
well! Open the door! I want to see Julian! I want to see Julian!”

“Why the hell are you shouting?” Hans forcefully opened the door and lashed out, leaving several
footprints on Diana’s body, causing her to fall to the ground.

Madam Fulcher fell as well.

Diana ignored the pain and kept her eyes fixed on Madam Fulcher, noticing how the latter’s face was
visibly turning pale.

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