Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 578

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Even though Kayla had ruined her throat, Julian was still willing to listen to her speak with that horrible
voice. That’s why he chose to stay by Kayla’s side when both she and Diana had been hospitalized.

Though Kayla’s appearance had been thoroughly ruined, Julian hadn’t held Diana accountable.
However, that was only because he wanted to handle things in a more appropriate manner for Kayla’s

Things were never like what Diana had assumed. Julian hadn’t sought comfort about Kayla’s
disfigurement from Diana and deluded himself…

He had simply been wholly willing and devoted to Kayla since the very beginning.

Diana felt like a thousand needles were poking her palms. She had been holding onto Madam
Fulcher’s hand for so long, and slowly loosened her grip when she realized that.

Suddenly, a sound came from the door, and it swung open. Hans walked in, and on Kayla’s orders, he
brought a remote control to turn on the television.

“Watch it,” Hans instructed coldly before walking out of the room once more.

On the television, Julian was smiling as he announced their engagement. Tomorrow, they would have a
grand celebration.

How exciting.

Madam Fulcher was on the verge of tears from sheer anger, but she held them back because Diana
was present. If she cried, Diana would be even more upset.

There was a slight discomfort in Madam Fulcher’s heart, and she had been holding it in. She wanted to
say something to Diana, but when she saw the scene of Julian announcing his engagement on the
television, she swallowed her words.


She found it hard to believe that Julian, whom she had raised, could be so heartless. But she didn’t
dare bring up this topic with Diana, let alone talk to her about it.

They could only silently watch the television together as Kayla presented a bridal veil for Julian to place
on her head after the announcement.

They were truly well-prepared.

Fortunately, Diana had her own preparations.

With the end of the exhibition, there should have been a major incident in the Winnington family’s
fashion company. The last time she visited Winnington Fashions, she noticed the inconsistent quality of
their ready-to- wear garments. If the garments were mass-produced and entered the market, they
would inevitably face backlash in terms of quality.

It was why she worked so hard to ensure Kayla’s participation in the exhibition.


Diana never intended for Kayla to become the champion.

But now that Kayla had, the more renowned she became with Julian’s support, the more orders
Winnington Fashions would receive. The more orders they got, the higher the chances of them not
keeping up the quality of their work and facing significant setbacks.

Winnington Fashions itself had a weak foundation. If they sent out so many orders with potential quality
issues, they would undoubtedly face a wave of returns and numerous negative reviews like a sea.

What awaited them would be their downfall.

Kayla’s aspirations would also crumble.

With James’s personality, he would inevitably increase investments and production at this moment.
When it was time to face the wreckage left behind by those decisions, one could only imagine how
serious the consequences would be.

James’s position in the Winnington family would be greatly affected. Kayla would lose her right-hand

There might even no longer be a place for James in the Winnington family.

With that, the resentment of her babies, who had been dug up by their own maternal grandfather,
would at least be avenged-even if just a little.

As for Kayla…

Diana had originally intended to use Julian to defeat Kayla mentally, but she didn’t expect to become a
laughingstock in their eyes instead.

“Diana.” Madam Fulcher sensed her unstable emotions, and felt deep sorrow. Her eyes trembled
slightly as she said. “Do you believe what Julian said earlier?”

Diana shook her head at first, but then nodded instead.

At this point, she didn’t need to dwell on whether those words were true or false. She only needed to
know that Julian had again chosen Kayla over her, which was more than enough.

“I raised Julian, and his respect for me…” Madam Fulcher hesitated momentarily, but then her gaze
became determined, and she continued,” It’s impossible for it to be nonexistent.”

It was even more impossible that Julian, who knew of her underlying illness, would drag her and Diana
out of the comfort of her own home and to an unknown place.

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