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Chapter 580

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Julian had edited himself into the video.

And he even pressed his face against Diana’s in it.

Furthermore, he even said he wanted to hug her…

Diana couldn’t believe that Julian had spoken such silly behavior and words!

But… Madam Fulcher would never deceive her.


After knowing all these things, an indescribable feeling surged Diana’s heart, the feeling akin to biting
into a bittersweet fruit. With just a little force, an infinite and indescribable taste burst between her

Madam Fulcher felt sore from being tied up; although she wanted to move, she couldn’t. Despite her
physical discomfort, she continued to look kindly at Diana and said, “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

’Did he really…” Diana began to say, but she swallowed harshly before finally continuing, “Did he
really…like me and not treat me as a substitute?”

Seeing her lack of confidence, Madam Fulcher chuckled. “Diana, my clever girl. Can’t you truly see
what’s in Julian’s heart?”

The foolish things he did for Diana behind the scenes, not to mention his verbal confessions… Just by
looking at their everyday interactions over the past three years of their marriage, one could see that
Julian’s feelings for Diana were extraordinary.

However, Kayla’s appearance muddled their true feelings for one another.

Thinking of that wretched woman, Madam Fulcher couldn’t help but sigh.” If Kayla hadn’t saved Julian’s
life before…”

This matter had become a terrible heartache for Madam Fulcher.

“If the debt of gratitude wasn’t tying them down so strongly, Julian definitely wouldn’t have been so
blindly infatuated with her for so many years,” Madam Fulcher said, glancing at Diana. “I say infatuated,
but I don’t think a romantic connection ever existed.”

Otherwise, Madam Fulcher wouldn’t have been foolish enough to deceive the person Julian loved
deeply and send that woman away to another country three years ago. She wouldn’t watch her beloved
grandson and lover be separated by a great distance.

“Julian isn’t someone who’s good at handling emotions,’ Madam Fulcher went on with a sigh. “It’s also
due to how we brought him up, especially my late husband. He was afraid Julian and I wouldn’t live a
good life, so he pushed for an elite education with all his might, resulting in Julian’s character…which is
lacking a bit in matters of the heart.”

Madam Fulcher’s words were sincere.

When it all came down to it, the only thing she wanted to convey to Diana was that Julian loved Diana.
He loved her far more than she could imagine in the years she was unaware of-it was never just her
wishful thinking.

Madam Fulcher’s words brought immense comfort to Diana.

However, Madam Fulcher wasn’t Julian himself. Perhaps he loved her, but the fact remained that he
had done too many things to hurt her.

Diana’s lips paled a little as she recalled all that had happened in the past.

She couldn’t be certain whether she should believe Madam Fulcher’s words about Julian’s feelings for

But now…

Madam Fulcher’s expression suddenly grew serious. “Diana, I know that it’s difficult for you to believe
Julian’s feelings for you in such a short time, but do you believe in my feelings for you?”

“Of course!”

Madam Fulcher had treated her much better than her own parents. She was the only relative that
Diana acknowledged in this world so far.

“Then work with me in this act.”

Diana was taken aback and looked at their current situation. “Here?”

“Yes, here.” Madam Fulcher smiled and tightened her grip on Diana’s hand.” Do you remember the
shares I transferred to you before?”

Diana nodded. She definitely remembered the substantial amount of money the older woman had
practically bullied her into accepting

“You have to remember that those shares can be disposed of at any time if you have a need for them.”

“Why are you bringing this up now when everything’s fine?”

In such a tense situation, Madam Fulcher speaking to Diana like this gave Diana a sense of preparing
for what’s to come. She was inexplicably anxious.

Once again, she instinctively tightened her grip on Madam Fulcher’s hand.

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