Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 579

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Diana agreed with this point.

But Julian probably didn’t care as much for her compared to Madam Fulcher, and his obsession with
Kayla seemed to have reached a maddening level.

“I don’t dare make any baseless speculations anymore,” Diana said.

Ultimately, her trust in him was completely shattered by disappointment after disappointment.

Madam Fulcher naturally noticed Diana’s feelings. Instead of immediately discussing the phone call
with Julian, she calmly brought up Diana’s birthday. “Do you remember the sign saying ‘Dogs like
Julian are not allowed inside’?”

Diana was surprised at the abrupt change in topic, and a faint bitterness resurfaced in her heart.

“Yes, I do.”

Madam Fulcher smiled kindly and said, “Julian made it himself and placed it at the door because he
knew you didn’t want to see him. He did it so you could have a peaceful birthday in my home.”

Diana felt her determination waver; the shattered parts of her heart seemed to piece themselves back
together slowly by some magical force.

‘ Despite the sign at the door, Julian still entered the old mansion.”

Diana knew this. She had returned that day and had a conversation with him, after all.

She had been curious at the time. Could Julian not see such a large sign? How did he manage to
endure the insult?

And now, she got her answer straight from Madam Fulcher.

“He said that as long as you’re at ease, it didn’t matter if he became a dog.” Madam Fulcher’s face
visibly brightened as she went on. “You see, he quite enjoys being your lapdog.”

“…Please don’t tease me,’ Diana muttered, clearly stunned.

How was it possible for Julian to have said those words?!

He was a proud and dignified man, esteemed to the point that the entire Richburgh would revolve
around him with just a wave of his hand!

How could he utter such self-deprecating words?

Especially to Madam Fulcher, someone he was so close to…

“Julian didn’t care if he was compared to a dog. On that day, he entered the courtyard of the old
mansion early and watched you celebrate your birthday with us from a distance.”

No wonder Diana felt like she was being watched the entire day!

Diana felt goosebumps all over her body. She never imagined that Julian would become a person like
this when she wasn’t with him.

This was much more touching than any of the words he had said to her face, as these actions that had
truly happened felt incredibly genuine to her; she didn’t need to speculate about the truthfulness of his
words. She just needed to know and remember that when she didn’t spend with him and didn’t know
what he was doing, he had once treated her so gently and treasured her.

Diana’s heart softened even more. “And then?”

Her trust in Julian was slowly being repaired.

Madam Fulcher looked pleased with Diana’s question. “And then, Julian turned the scenes of you being
with us that day into a video. He had someone put his face in the middle of the video and… Hahaha…”

At this point, Madam Fulcher burst into laughter.

It piqued Diana’s curiosity. “And what happened?”

“Are you that impatient to know?” Madam Fulcher asked teasingly, deliberately building up suspense.

Diana subconsciously wanted to retort, but thinking about that glorious man and her entanglement with
him, she corrected her habit of saying one thing and meaning another. “Yes, I am.”

She was impatient to confirm Julian’s feelings.

Impatient to tell Julian again that their fate began in Yale Village, which was a long, long time ago, so
long that she almost missed this childhood connection with him.

She wanted to tell him their bond was no weaker than the one Kayla had with him.

“Good girl.”

Madam Fulcher hadn’t misjudged Diana.

She liked Diana’s daring and straightforward nature. Diana was like an invincible little grass on fire,
standing strong through each hurt.

“Julian, he…”

Madam Fulcher’s aged and solemn voice immersed Diana in the scene once again.

“He made sure his face was always in close contact with yours, saying that it’d make you two appear
affectionate and give the illusion that you still love him.”

Her own grandchild, even in love, was so cautious.

“But if his face was edited onto the video and constantly pressed against mine…” The more Diana
thought about it, the stranger it seemed. “Was he supposed to be bending down and pressing his face
against mine the whole time?”

What would that look like?

“He wasn’t bending down. He had someone edit only his face onto the video.” Madam Fulcher replied.
She then imitated Julian’s tone back then and said, “My Diana is too delicate. If I edited my whole body
into the video, I wouldn’t be able to resist hugging her.”

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