Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 577

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Clenching his teeth, Julian then uttered the cruel words, “But I don’t love you, Diana. I never did.”

‘What were you thinking, Diana? He never loved you! That’s why a familiar driver brought me out of the
villa. That’s why he made sure I never made it to the exhibition to put pressure on Kayla. That’s why he
trampled all over my expectations of winning the exhibition! That’s why he happily invested a hundred
million in my business… It was all to make Kayla happy-not me!*

Even yesterday, when he pretended to be jealous upon seeing her giving an umbrella to Oliver, it was
all a prelude to today’s kidnapping!

“Julian…” Diana hissed through gritted teeth, her cheeks aching from the pressure of grounding her
teeth together. Her eyes were devoid of tears, but the pain that struck her was stronger than the
sensation of death.

His words were like a knife that was slowly sliding into her, piercing her inch by inch.

“Do you truly feel nothing for our babies?”

She could forgive him for treating her poorly and toying with her, and even loving Kayla. However, she
couldn’t forgive him for mentioning their babies with that indifferent attitude!

Only five seconds remained on the clock, which meant there was time for just one more sentence.

Julian could hear the despair in Diana’s words, but he still replied clearly and firmly, “Not one bit!”

Julian truly didn’t care about her or their babies-not even one bit!

It was just like what he had said back at the factory.

It was also Diana’s fault for being so stupid…enough that she would remain involved with him for so
long. Her stupidity made her believe that simply flaunting affection between her and Julian would anger
Kayla, and that if she destroyed Kayla’s face, Julian wouldn’t be able to accept this reality and would
refuse to face anything that was related to her.

Yet, the truth was…

Diana was just a pawn in their hands.

The smallest existence in the vast sea.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake Julian’s determination for Kayla.

She remained silent and the call ended; all that could be heard was the empty beeping sound on the
other end.

Julian’s heart awas just as empty.

There was no light in his eyes.

Even if he could ensure Diana’s and Madam Fulcher’s safety, he had thoroughly wrecked Diana’s

He had basically ruined every moment of kindness he had ever shown her. He had crushed those
wonderful memories to dust and pulverized them with his own words. He had grounded her feelings to
nothing and blocked off any possibility of a future for them, tossing it into the deep abyss.

“Julian,” Kayla said in delight, handing him the microphone. “Now’s the time to announce to all of
Richburgh that we’re getting married!”

Merely saying those words wasn’t enough. She wanted Julian to make a promise to her in front of the
many reporters present.

There was a television in the room Diana was in, and it was turned on. The live broadcast of the
exhibition was on it. It wouldn’t have warranted a live broadcast if it was just an exhibition. However,
since Julian announced his and Kayla’s engagement on the spot, it became a sensational event where
viewership was at an all-time high.

Diana and Madam Fulcher leaned against the edge of the bed, their hands and feet bound with ropes.
Madam Fulcher glanced at Diana, looking like she wanted to say something, but ultimately hesitating.

She had heard parts of the conversation on the phone earlier.

“I…” Madam Fulcher lowered her head, unable to hide her disappointment toward her grandson as she
whispered, “I don’t know how to face you.”

“This isn’t your fault, Grandma,” Diana said with a smile, but there was something broken in her eyes. “I
don’t blame him, and I certainly don’t blame you.”

If she had to blame someone, it would be herself.

She had ample time and opportunities to draw a clear line between them.

Even after they had obtained their divorce certificate, they had little contact for a considerable amount
of time.

Ultimately, she willingly walked into his trap and became a stepping stone for his and Kayla’s marriage-
a tool to please Kayla, and a joke in that woman’s eyes!

Diana wasn’t even worth enough to be a substitute; Julian only loved Kayla, and there was no one else
in his eyes!

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