Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 574

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On Julian’s side, the situation was even more trickier than he initially imagined.

To have placed the two most important women in his life in danger at the same time… Kayla’s boldness
had truly reached another level!

As he tried to shove down his anger and restrain himself, veins popped on his forehead from the strain.
Even the veins on his hands turned purple as he turned to the woman beside him and hissed through
gritted teeth, rage lacing his tone, “Kayla!”

However, there was no fear on her face. ‘Grandma likes Diana, so it’s only natural she goes with her.”

Madam Fulcher was getting on in age, and she very well couldn’t handle so much stress as in this

Seeing how confident Kayla acted, Julian’s heart grew even more chaotic.

Fortunately, at that moment, Diana suddenly shouted from the other end of the line, “This seems like a
luxurious hotel!”

She was relaying information to Julian.

His woman was truly clever, and that finally comforted Julian somewhat as his heart settled a bit. He
was about to continue speaking when Kayla snatched the phone away forcefully.

Diana’s reaction had been out of her expectations. Kayla hadn’t expected her to be able to stay calm
and think straight when Julian was forced to say those things.

She even managed to relay information to him!

But what did it matter?

After all…

The information Diana provided was all wrong!

Concealed under her veil, Kayla’s lips curled into a mocking smirk. Her eyes were filled with scorn as
she looked at Julian and said, “A luxurious hotel? You can try your luck at finding her if you want.”

It would be impossible for Julian to find her.

After all, his men had searched through all the hotels in Richburgh, regardless of how big or small it
was; yet, they still hadn’t found a trace of Diana.

And now, learning that Madam Fulcher was also with her…

It was another card up Kayla’s sleeve!

“Julian,” Kayla said, and her expression had now twisted as she pressed her hand against the phone to
mute her words. “You better tell Diana we’re getting married tomorrow!”


Kayla wasn’t giving him any time to react or think at all.

Closing his eyes, Julian suppressed the fury that ran through his veins and took back the phone.

“I know. I arranged that hotel,” Julian said, deliberately piercing Diana’s heart with his words. He had to
make sure that he said enough to satisfy Kayla and ensure the safety of Diana and his grandmother.

Diana was visibly stunned. “But…”

The way she and Madam Fulcher had been brought here had been dodgy. She still couldn’t believe
that Julian would do something like this.

’You have no motive or reason to do this to me.”

“Diana,” Julian said in a deeply mocking tone. “Why do you think Grandma is with you? It’s because
she favors you. If I had left her at the old mansion, no doubt she’d try to hinder my marriage to Kayla.
She’d ruin my plans and upset Kayla even more.”

That was impossible!

Julian was the most respectful person Diana knew. How could he joke about his grandmother’s life and
bring them here, of all things? Even if he had wanted to do so, he could’ve done it without needing to
drug them to keep them bound!

As if afraid she wouldn’t believe him, Julian quickly continued, “And… At the exhibition you value the
most, Kayla became the champion. She could only win so quickly and brilliantly if you didn’t

Diana remained silent.

She still remembered the look in Julian’s eyes a couple of days ago.

It was so intent that it made her heart restless.

Had that really been her imagination?

“Then…” Diana asked. “Why did you make me move back to the villa?’

“Hah,” Julian scoffed. “I already told you. I feared Grandma would interfere with my marriage to Kayla.
Didn’t I use the same distraction when we argued about getting a divorce? I’m sure you remember. The

better our relationship appeared, the more at ease my grandmother would feel about me and Kayla.
But this time, I wanted to give her the most unique wedding in the world. I need everything to go
smoothly, so I arranged for you and Grandma to be brought elsewhere as I carry out my plans.”

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