Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 576

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Yale Village!

It was the same place Kaylad had saved his life!

Why would Diana mention this place?

Instantly, Julian’s hand started to tremble.

“When you saved me, how old were you? Where exactly in Yale village?” he asked.

The conversation was becoming stranger by the minute. Did Diana somehow discover the fact that
Kayla had impersonated her and took credit for saving Julian’s life in Yale Village?

The realization sent Kayla into a sudden whirl of anxiety.

She had gone all out this time and even involved Madam Fulcher, intending to make that old hag suffer
with Diana.

However, her entire plan revolved around her golden ticket of having saved Julian’s life. She held on
tightly to this lifeline, betting Julian wouldn’t kill her because of this and that she could get off scot-free
no matter what she did.

But now…

Diana had mentioned Yale Village!

Had Kayla’s lie been exposed?

Multiple emotions ran through Kayla at this point. There was uneasiness, shock, and also fear. Her
gaze on Julian turned anxious as she snapped,” Julian! Get to the point!’

She pressed her hand against the phone again to mute the phone, interrupting Julian’s talk with Diana
as she pointed to the clock. “You have thirty seconds left. If you talk about anything other than our
marriage, I’ll make sure Diana gets hurt!”

Never in his life had Julian been threatened in this manner before.

However, it was extremely effective-because Diana’s life was on the line.

Julian couldn’t care about anything else at this moment. He pushed the remaining thoughts of Yale
Village out of his mind, and his demeanor toward Diana changed immediately.

“Don’t talk about irrelevant things! So what if you saved me? Kayla also saved me. I won’t change my
mind about marrying her because of that, Diana. Just give up on that idea!”

Diana never expected that after revealing her final secret and clarifying everything, it would only invite
doubt and suspicion from his end. He firmly believed she wanted to use the debt of saving his life to
challenge Kayla’s position.

It had been the right decision for her to have thrown away the photo last time…


Hearing only silence from the other end, Julian thought something had happened to her, and his heart
clenched tightly. He felt a fierce storm sweep through him, leaving his body and soul ravaged painfully,
like a tree that had withered up and lost all its leaves during fall.

His grip on the phone tightened as his fear grew.

But luckily, Diana only responded with a simple, “Hmm…”

Julian immediately felt the weight in his heart lighten.

He took a deep breath and glanced at the time that was ticking away.

He needed to continue saying things that would make Diana believe he was marrying Kayla, as the
latter had demanded. The purpose was to deeply wound Diana’s heart and to bring Kayla the joy of

The more his words hurt, the happier Kayla was, and the safer Diana and Madam Fulcher would be.

Julian understood Kayla’s intentions; yet as Diana was firmly in her grasp, he had no choice but to say
things that went against his truest feelings.

‘What else do you want to say?”

In the end, it was Diana who spoke up first.

Julian felt a pounding headache behind his eyes, and he almost choked as he said, “It’s nothing… It’s

Kayla pointed at her watch.

Time was getting shorter.

He almost blurted out the words pent up in his chest for a long time, but he managed to stop himself
and instead said, “I just thought of how truly stupid you were. From the moment I forced you to get an
abortion, you should’ve understood that I didn’t have any feelings for you. Everything I did was for the
sake of assuring Grandma. But you? You took my words seriously, so much so that even after losing

the babies, you still came when I invited you to move back into the villa. Just admit it, Diana. You love

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