Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 575

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‘This time, I won’t allow anything to interfere with my marriage to Kayla!” Julian exclaimed, his words
echoing loudly in Diana’s ears.

His words were like a hammer ramming ruthlessly against Diana’s heart, causing a slight wavering
deep in her heart containing her desire to start over. The doubts she had harbored about his words just
moments ago shattered.

Diana could only hear the roaring of blood in her ears as she felt her heart gradually break into tiny
pieces once again.

She shouldn’t have…believed the look in his eyes…

After all, Julian was the best at deceiving people.

“So,” she took a deep breath, clenched her teeth, and her grip on Madam Fulcher’s hand trembled as
she hissed, “You’D disregard Grandma’s safety for Kayla’s sake?”

To confine them here in exchange for the peace of Kayla’s wedding must mean that Julian truly loved

His love for her was genuine.

Julian’s expression twisted with pain at each word he was forced to say.” Yes.”

He had achieved such heights in his career, and held a large amount of power and wealth in his hands.
He even held the economic lifeline, yet…he never expected all of that not to matter-in spite of
everything, Kayla managed to defeat him!

“Kayla saved my life. From the moment she did, I belonged to her. So… Forget about Grandma. If I can
make Kayla happy, I can disregard anyone!”

Ultimately, all the kisses and gazes he had shown her these past few days were just an act!

Three years… Hadn’t three years of acting been enough?

Diana’s eyes reddened. Her nose tingled, and she bit her lips harshly. She could still feel the phantom
pain of the broken skin on her mouth before.

“You said you’d apply the medicine to me every day…” Diana said, her voice trembling involuntarily.
“Was that also a lie?”

“Diana, you’re so stupid,” Julian sneered. “I deceived you for three years, but you still developed
feelings for me so easily?”

Diana suddenly laughed self-deprecatingly. “Yes, I’m stupid. I thought I could take the initiative and
become a substitute for Kayla to have you play right into my hands. But I never expected…”

Never expected…

No matter what happened, how many storms they endured, and how cruel a life he was burdened with,
she couldn’t help but fall for him time and time again.

It hurt!

Her heart once again felt like it was being ripped apart.

She endured the pain, harshly biting the wound on her lip, where…

His warmth still lingered.

It was only now that she realized it wasn’t warmth-rather, a chill that remained.

It was a chill that held a murderous intent, flowing from her lips to every inch of her body.

“Congratulations on your wedding,” she said, her words dropping as tears fell.

Diana knew that the story between her and Julian had truly come to an end here.

Yet, some things needed to be said.

“Julian, you only know that Kayla saved your life, but did you know I saved your life too?” Diana asked.
She spoke like a terminally ill patient, laying out all her secrets at this moment so as not to leave no

Julian felt his heart stutter violently at that unexpected revelation.

It was as if something flashed in his mind at her words. Startled, he asked,” W-What…did you say?!”

Everything since he met Diana, from his proposal in front of the Winnington family’s gate, was vivid in
his memory.

There was never a moment when he recalled needing her to save him.

And yet, he did mention feeling a sense of familiarity with Diana before…

Were her words true?

“Did we really meet before, a long time ago?”

“Yes,” Diana confirmed. “In Yale village.”

It was the rural village she grew up in, and was also the place Julian never wanted to mention as he
had been forced to participate in the heir training in the past.

It was also where the cave Kayla had saved his life in was.

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