Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 572

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Julian had a lot of faith in Noel’s abilities to handle things; and yet, the latter claimed that try as he
might, he couldn’t find a single trace of Diana.

Compared to before, Kayla was much more thorough this time.

“I used to call you stupid all the time, but I’ve really underestimated you,” Julian said as he looked
steadily at her, his gaze as sharp as a knife.

However, Kayla didn’t avert her gaze and met his eyes evenly.

This time, she was directly threatening him to his face; a clear show that she was determined to make
him agree. She undoubtedly wouldn’t let Diana go so easily.

However… Julian refused to fulfill her request.

“The only person I want to marry in my life is Diana,” he said firmly, never taking his eyes away from
Kayla. “If you insist on marrying me, it won’t end well for you.”

Kayla was prepared for Julian’s future retaliation. “I know that, but I still want to marry you.”

That was her ultimate goal.

If she didn’t persist until the end, she wouldn’t know what else to do with her life anymore.

Only by becoming Mrs. Fulcher and receive the admiration and envy of others could she have a sense
of being alive.

“If you don’t marry me, you’ll never save Diana’s life!”

Richburgh wasn’t that big. Where could Kayla possibly have hidden Diana?

No matter how much Julian racked his brains, he couldn’t find an answer.

He grew increasingly anxious.

“I need to ensure Diana’s safety first.”

Only after confirming her safety, and…

If Diana truly was in Kayla’s hands, then he could consider Kayla’s request.

Since leaving the villa, the chauffeur had driven Diana around to several places.

The route was winding, and didn’t seem like the way to the exhibition.

She pulled out her phone, intending to use navigation. However, she quickly realized that her phone
signal was being blocked.

It suddenly dawned on Diana that something wasn’t right. But this chauffeur was from the Fulcher
family, so why on earth would he deceive her?

Diana pondered momentarily before asking, “Where are we going?”

The chauffeur smiled, still maintaining a respectful demeanor as he replied, “We’re going to the old
mansion. Madam called me this morning and said she wanted to attend the exhibition with you. She
asked us to pick her up.”

“Grandma?” Diana didn’t understand. “Why didn’t she contact me first?”

Looking at the time, it was already getting late. Diana’s current situation aside, this didn’t seem like
Madam Fulcher’s way of doing things.

To her surprise, after a series of twists and turns, the chauffeur did indeed pick up Madam Fulcher. By
now, the exhibition had already started. Yet, their car was still parked at the entrance of the old

Diana grew slightly anxious, but the chauffeur claimed that the car had broken down and arranged for
another vehicle to pick them up.


Originally, Madam Fulcher wanted to call her own chauffeur. Upon seeing how this man had already
taken care of everything and that Diana was clearly distressed, she didn’t want to waste any more time
and simply got into the car with Diana.

However, after a long time of driving around, they still hadn’t arrived at the exhibition venue.

Diana took out her phone to check the time, only to realize that her phone still had no signal.

It was strange. She remembered having a signal when she got out of the car to meet Madam Fulcher.
Why did it go off every time she got into the car?

Quietly, she took out Madam Fulcher’s phone and turned it on. To her surprise, the phone also had no

“Sir,” Diana called out to the unfamiliar chauffeur, “how much longer until we reach the exhibition?”

He didn’t reply. Instead, he turned up the air conditioning. Soon, Diana noticed something unusual
about Madam Fulcher.

From the moment they got in the car until now, Diana had only exchanged two sentences with her.

After that, she remained seated without saying a word.

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