Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 571

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Diana’s traces were completely erased the very moment she left the studio. Julian’s heart raced as he
stared at Kayla, his gaze bearing the smallest hint of patience.

James, on the other hand, was utterly terrified by the current situation.

Kayla had spoken so confidently before, saying she would defeat Diana and come out on top. Never in
James’s wildest dreams did he imagine she would achieve it by preventing Diana from participating
and threatening Julian!

He never once entertained the notion that threats would work for Julian to marry Kayla.

Did she forget just who Julian was?!

James felt like an ostrich as he wished he could burrow his head into the ground and not be discovered
by Julian.

Yet, he didn’t think Kayla would actually call out to him.

“Daddy,” she said cheerfully, as if she hadn’t just narrowly escaped being killed in cold blood by Julian.
“Julian promised to marry me!”

James dared not say much, much less utter a single word. He tugged on Kayla’s sleeve nervously as
he stole a quick glance at Julian.

“B-But… Diana…”

“What about her?” Kayla’s tone suddenly grew sharp. “Are you worried about her?!”

James was shocked by her tone.

“No… I mean… I just thought it’s better to take decisive action and never let her return!” His head was
shrunk back like a frightened turtle, but he spoke the most ruthless words the world would ever hear.
“That way, she won’t be able to threaten your position anymore.’

Kayla’s face visibly brightened, and James continued, ’If Julian can’t have Diana, he’ll definitely show
more sympathy toward you.”

After all, the two sisters looked very similar. The scar on Kayla’s face wouldn’t be visible as long as she
covered it. With that, Kayla wouldn’t look any different than Diana in Julian’s eyes… Right?

Even Kayla, cruel as she might be, was startled by James’s harsh words.

“You can be so ruthless.”

Fortunately, she wasn’t Diana and the Winningtons didn’t forsake her.

James was deeply embarrassed, and dared not let Julian see him. Despite that, he couldn’t help but
ask, “What do you think?”

At that, Kayla smiled eerily. “Just wait and see. This time, Julian will definitely marry me!”

With Julian’s support, the entire process of the exhibition accelerated significantly.

At his behest, Kayla became the champion. Holding the trophy, she looked at the flashing lights aimed
at her from all directions and smiled with pride. “I have something to announce to everyone.”

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, she stretched out her hand and reached toward Julian. “Julian,
come here.”

Julian was displeased; but considering Noel’s words, he reluctantly walked towards Kayla. Today, he
had paid particular attention to his attire as he was going to meet Diana.

He wore a rare silver-gray suit and a matching pair of round-toed Italian handmade leather shoes, and
even donned glasses with gold rims that he rarely wore. He looked incredibly elegant, and as soon as
he stood up, he became the most eye-catching presence in the crowd.

The more Kayla looked at him, the more satisfied she was.

“Darling…!” she shouted loudly, and the surrounding flashes aimed at her multiplied.

Julian frowned, his face filled with resentment. He had never thought the word “darling” could be so
nauseating. It was a world of difference compared to when Diana called him that.

Naturally, he didn’t respond at all.

But then, Kayla ran a few steps towards him and affectionately hooked her arm through his. “Darling!”

It was grating to the ears.

Every word she spoke was more disgusting than her previous ones.

He could barely hold back anymore and hissed, “You’re going too far.”

She should know the consequences of provoking him!

Of course Kayla knew, but she had no retreat now.

She clung tightly to him, afraid he would slip away from her embrace.

“Julian, I’m not asking for too much. My request is simple. I want you to fulfill your promise when I
return to the country-that you would marry me.”

Narrowing her eyes, she went on, “Announce it to all the media and journalists, right in front of all the
cameras, and declare to the people of Richburgh that you’ll marry me!”

Julian’s eyes suddenly turned dark with rage. “Kayla!”

But she had already thrown caution to the wind, so what else did she have to lose?

“Julian, have you forgotten what’s on the line?” Kayla taunted as a mad glint appeared in her eyes.
“Diana is still in my hands!’

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