Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 570

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Julian thought he just heard the greatest joke of the century. “Without you?”

Kayla’s threat didn’t stop him. Her face turned an even darker shade of blue, and she was no longer
able to talk.

Gradually, her feet gradually left the.

Julian was…actually going to kill her in front of everyone, just for Diana’s sake!

Noel realized the gravity of the situation and immediately stepped forward to stop Julian. “Sir!”

Julian’s eyes were bloodshot.

He regretted it.

He regretted not killing Kayla earlier and leaving such a threat in Diana’s life!

His eyes were filled with such viciousness that Noel didn’t dare look up into his eyes. Instead, he simply
voiced the words in his mind. “Saving

Madam is more important…”

That was when Julian loosened his grip. He turned his attention to Noel and barked, “Go! Find out
where Diana is!”

“Sir…” Noel swallowed past a constricted throat before going on, “I can do that, but we know that Miss
Kayla has always been ruthless.”

That was evident from how she had drugged Diana with the goal of killing the latter’s children.

“Could the madam already be in danger…”

Before Noel could complete his sentence, Julian flung Kayla aside roughly, as if he had finally woken
up from his angry stupor.

“Kayla Winnington!” He glared at her, not giving her any time to catch her breath. “Speak! Where
exactly is she?!”


Ultimately, Kayla won.

She won because of how much Julian cared for Diana.

He was such a powerful man; yet despite his confidence and power, as long as he had an Achilles
heel, he would never be able to exert his full potential.

Kayla wanted to make him marry her on account of how much he loved Diana!

She crawled up from the floor, straightened out the creases on her white dress, and said, “I already told
you, she’s in a place that only I know about.”

She stared right into his eyes with a determined gaze. “After I’m done with this exhibition and emerge
as the champion, I’ll make you promise me one thing before telling you where she is.”

Julian immediately caught what was unspoken. “In other words, will Diana be safe for a rather long
period of time?”

Anxiety flashed past Kayla’s eyes, but she shook her head repeatedly. “No! If you don’t cooperate with
me, she’ll never be safe!”

Julian hesitated for a moment.

Kayla heaved a sigh of relief. She knew Julian wouldn’t dare to wager Diana’s safety.

“Julian…” She changed her tone. “Cooperate with me, won’t you? I’ll return you my sister in one piece,
I promise.”

It was just that, by then, it’d be difficult to say whether Diana was willing to go back to him.

Not to mention being all lovey dovey with him!


Kayla wanted to see how Diana could act all lovey dovey with Julian when she ended up all alone!

A crazed look filled Kayla’s eyes.

Julian could sense the change in her.

She had gone all out, and was staring at Julian fearlessly.

There was even a sinister smile on her lips.

Julian couldn’t afford to take the risk.

His face fell as he warned threateningly, “Kayla Winnington… Don’t you dare play tricks on me.”

“I won’t,” Kayla promised. “As long as you cooperate with me, Diana will definitely be safe.”

Julian was no longer in the mood to enjoy the rest of the exhibition. Noel, on the other hand, was busy
tracking down Diana’s location.

And yet, he was unable to find her even after scouring through the entirety of Richburg.

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