Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 566

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He felt as though someone had tied his heart up with rope so tightly that he couldn’t breathe. No matter
how much he tried, he couldn’t untangle the bindings. His vision was focused on a singular spot on
Diana’s back.

She and Oliver were standing right next to each other and chatting so merrily, just like a happy couple.

His blood roared in his ears, and he itched to pull Diana to himself.

He wanted to do it, even if it infuriated Diana.

He didn’t want to care about drawing up careful plans and taking it slow anymore. He couldn’t wait
another day, or even another second!

He wanted to make her stay by his side!

He wanted to forbid her to look at other men and deliver umbrellas to another!

He pushed Noel away, snarling roughly, ‘TH go by myself.”

Noel didn’t dare to follow behind him, neither did he dare to persuade Julian any further.

He simply watched on as Julian walked further away.

Julian walked quickly, and he didn’t even notice when the rain splashed on his suit and dirt clung into
the leg of his pants.

“Diana Winnington,” he suddenly said as he grabbed her wrist.

Diana trembled.

Because of the baby and what happened recently, she had recently been feeling an inexplicable sense
of fear whenever it started to rain. The only reason she was able to bring an umbrella in the rain was
because she didn’t want to stay indebted to Oliver.

Julian’s sudden touch triggered the memory of that pervert Simon.

That man…

He would always appear without any warning; plus, he liked sudden physical touches.

She looked up at Julian, her eyes filled with fear.

That look angered Julian even more. “What, are you afraid of me?”

He hadn’t been going to the studio the past few days and she didn’t even bother giving him a call, not
to mention going back to the mansion to sleep.

He missed her like mad, hence why he came over to look for her.

Yet, he saw her leaving her studio and coming to look for Oliver.

The picture of her talking to and laughing with Oliver was worlds apart from Diana burying herself in her
work in her studio whenever Julian was around.

“Julian.” Diana realized that it was him and not Simon, and heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh, don’t be

She finally managed to repay Oliver, and she didn’t want Julian interfering in things.

Her remark angered him.

“I’m being ridiculous? You came bringing an umbrella to another man the moment it started raining, and
you’re accusing me of being ridiculous?!”

Diana didn’t expect Julian to be so agitated.

He didn’t used to express his emotions so openly…

She instinctively wanted to explain things to him, but was worried that making things so clear would
break Oliver’s heart once again.

Her brief moment of hesitation made Julian’s heart break.

He saw the look of disdain in Diana’s eyes…

That look pierced right through his heart.

The pain he felt was so overwhelming, he couldn’t even find it in himself to refute her.

He simply felt disappointed.

He had done so much for her, loving her so deeply and carefully… Yet all he got in return was her
calling him ridiculous.

He stared hard at Diana and Oliver standing next to each other, and after some time, he finally
managed to squeeze out, “Diana Winnington, you’re too much!”

His words left Diana in a confused daze.

To her, Julian wasn’t someone vulnerable and would never say something that sounded so helpless.

Diana had no idea how to react to Julian’s accusation, and subconsciously tugged the corner of
Oliver’s sleeve. The feeling of the fabric between her fingers made her feel like this was real, and not
just a figment of her imagination.

Julian was actually helplessly angry with her.

He was being jealous.

Yet, there was nothing he could do to her.

The moment this fact became clear to her, Diana couldn’t help but wonder if Julian was thinking about
her or Kayla.

Julian saw that Diana remained unmoved, and he felt his heart come up to his throat; as if someone
was holding a knife at his neck. It became difficult to swallow, or to continue talking to Diana.

In the end, he fell silent.

Diana kept quiet as well. She didn’t dare to let herself get so easily influenced by Julian’s words, and
continued pondering over his words.

“Diana Winnington, are you coming over or not?” Julian’s face was dark as he tried to keep his temper
in check. He held the handle of her umbrella, wanting her to come to him and not stand so close to

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