Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 568

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“Julian!” Diana sat up on the bed, her heart thumping like crazy.

She took a few deep breaths, and realized that it was just a dream.

An outrageous dream, at that.

How could someone like Julian end up being covered in blood and look at her with such hopelessness?

It was impossible.

A man so favored by destiny would always be above others.

Luke was able to have his way last time because of Kayla’s assistance.

Even though Kayla was the woman of his dreams, given Julian’s character, he would never allow
himself to tumble at the same place a second time.

What’s more, Luke was already dead.

Dead in the hands of his own father.

That thought calmed Diana down, and she chided herself for worrying too much.

It was probably because the rain yesterday had disoriented her. She had to be in her best condition at
the exhibition today.

After washing up, she tried hard to remember the make-up she had her make-up artist design for her
after seeing Fanny yesterday. She pondered about it for a while before taking her time to doll herself

The final look was even more impressive than yesterday.

Even Diana was mesmerized by how she looked in the mirror.

Her eyes were dazzling, and it made her look even more vivid than her usual graceful poise.

Diana looked up confidently and pulled out a white V-neck gown. This was the gown that Fanny
prepared for her yesterday.

It was a great match with her make-up.

She was no longer so resistant against white now.

Everything was in place, except for lipstick.

Diana selected a red shade and applied it on her lips. Her fingers suddenly trembled and the red color
went past her lip line, which made for an alarming sight.

Her heart leaped as she recalled the dream of Julian she had last night.

The last time she felt such unease was when something happened to her babies.

After pondering for a moment, Diana decided to text Julian.

When Julian received the notification that Diana had texted him, the corner of his lips lifted in a tiny

However, he showed no intention of replying to the text. He didn’t even unlock his phone.

He was still feeling angry.

As such, he refused to read the text.

The look in her eyes hurt him deeply; this time, he wouldn’t forgive her so easily.

He held himself back for so long, and eventually couldn’t take it any longer. He grabbed his phone and
unlocked it to read the text.

Her text was short and sweet. “Is everything okay?”

Was that her level of concern after him not contacting her for an entire night?

He refused to reply to her. He wanted to make Diana go crazy thinking about him!

Despite that, only after five minutes…

To Julian, these five minutes felt like forever. His fingers flew uncontrollably over his keypad as he
replied, “Yes.”

After he sent the text out, he flung his phone far away.

How could he reply to this woman who had angered him so much?!


Would she still reply to him?

It had been a while since they texted so simply.

The high and mighty CEO acted like a thief in his own office as he sneakily picked up his phone from
the floor.

Yet Diana’s reply never came, despite how hard Julian stared at his phone.

He waited until Noel appeared to give him a timely reminder. “Sir, the exhibition is about to begin.”

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