Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 567

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Julian’s hands were hot, as if there were streams of current running through them. The past memories
of hatred and love between them blurred Diana’s vision, and she almost couldn’t see what was in front
of her.

All, except for that dark pair of eyes looking at her so intently, filled with powerful emotions.

But what if, just as it had been in the past, he was actually looking at another woman through her?
What would she do?

Diana hesitated.

She clearly had expectations, love, and a rashness that gave her the courage to take a step forward as
long as Julian reached his hand out to her. Yet, overwhelming fear made her pull back her arm that he
was holding.

The umbrella wavered in the rain along with her movement.

Rain landed on her shoulders, awakening her from her dreamlike trance.

The man standing right before her was the man who chose Kayla over their babies!

He was also the man who chose Kayla over her without any hesitation!

How could she let her heart be moved again?

How could she…

She was a complete failure of a mother!

Julian sensed the hatred in her eyes; he suddenly realized that over the past few days, he had been
one-sidedly thinking that they had both taken the first step toward reconciliation and building a future
together. How laughable that thought was!

She hadn’t forgiven him!

Naturally, she wouldn’t…

Break her lips again.

Julian suddenly understood why she needed to apply ointment everyday despite only breaking the skin
of her lips. Even using the special prescription given by the hospital director wasn’t effective.

That was because she…

She didn’t want any traces of him left on her.

What made it even more laughable was that he insisted on applying that ointment for her everyday.

She must’ve been disgusted by him in the depths of her heart.

The realization that dawned upon him felt like needles piercing through his heart, and he felt the
agonizing pain everywhere.

Julian suddenly didn’t have the courage to continue facing Diana.

’The rain’s chilly.” He suppressed the emotions roiling in his heart, and held the umbrella over Diana’s
head while making Oliver grab the umbrella handle. “I’ll leave this with you.”

Since Diana wanted to bring Oliver an umbrella, she was probably willing to let Oliver hold the umbrella
for her.

Julian, on the other hand, was at a loss as to where he should go.

Whatever it was, he didn’t want to stay behind and see the two of them standing next to each other.

All the more he didn’t want to see the look in Diana’s eyes.

And so, he left them in the rain.

Throughout the rest of the day, Diana didn’t receive any texts or calls from him.

She didn’t even see him when she returned to the villa.

The entire house felt lonely and quiet.

Diana laid on her bed and stared at Julian’s past texts. She stared at her screen for a long time, but
didn’t send any texts at all.

Forget it.

She must be overthinking things, she told herself.

Julian couldn’t possibly be feeling jealous. Even if he was, it would be because of Kayla. For all she
knew, he might currently be with Kayla, seeking the comfort he was looking for.

Why was she imagining things?

However, she didn’t sleep well.

At some point in time, she suddenly saw Julian standing right in front of her. He was covered in blood
as he slowly reached his hand out to her.

Suddenly, he yelled, “Diana, leave! Leave!”

She could make out the sharp smell of blood as she stared at him in shock. “Julian, what did you say?”

“I told you to leave! Don’t turn back!”

She saw him roar with all his might.

Then, his hands withdrew from her face and he hugged his head tight. Blood gradually covered the rest
of his body…

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