Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 564

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This year’s autumn was a very rainy autumn one.

Diana looked at the rain through the window. It was just a drizzle and not a heavy rain, but the entire
city was overcast and everything looked dreadfully gray.

Pedestrians shuffled endlessly along the roads, holding up their umbrellas, in a hurry to get to wherever
they needed to be. They looked like tiny ants zooming right below her.

Suddenly, Diana thought of Oliver.

He said that to return him the favor, he wanted her to bring an umbrella to him in the rain.

It wasn’t appropriate to stay indebted to him for too long. Diana glanced at her work, which was almost
done, and stood up. She grabbed an umbrella and braved the rain outside.

It was just about noon when she reached Central Hospital.

Many doctors and nurses were coming in and out of the canteen.

Diana remembered what Oliver said, and was afraid that he would get caught in the rain and walked
hurriedly to the outpatient clinics.

She was wearing a white lace dress today, which made her look like a pristine white flower under the
gray weather. No matter which angle one looked, one couldn’t help but be astounded by her beauty.

Oliver saw her from afar.

“Dr. Channing.” A colleague walked past him, “Shall we go for lunch?” He had his eyes on the umbrella
in Oliver’s hand and added, “I forgot to bring an umbrella. Can we share?”

“More than happy to.” Oliver was even more anxious for his colleague to take his umbrella. “It’s all

The colleague was slightly taken aback, and felt touched. “Everything tells me that it’s hard to get along
with you. You look mild but, in fact, you have some sort of pride that reeks of a sense of superiority. But
from what I see today, no one else is as approachable and helpful as you are!”

By now, Diana was walking closer to them.

Oliver was afraid she might find out the truth about his umbrella, and urged his colleague, “Quick, go
ahead for lunch. This umbrella’s tiny. If we both use it, we’ll end up drenched.”

The colleague grew even more touched upon his words. “All the more I can’t take it.”

He returned the umbrella back to Oliver.

Oliver wished he could weld the umbrella tightly onto his college. “I told you to take it!”

His face was dark unlike his usual smiling self, and it made the colleague stand there, dazed in shock.

He really wanted to swallow his words back.

Dr. Channing appeared tough on the outside, but was inwardly timid.

Oliver saw through the thoughts in his colleague’s mind and took a few steps back. He decided to insist
on the attitude of being helpful and handed his colleague his meal card. In a gentler tone, he said,
“Help me get some lunch back. That was my original intention of lending you my umbrella.”

The colleague immediately understood him, and the pressure he felt earlier immediately disappeared.
He took the meal card and said happily, “Sure, sure. Dr. Channing, wait for me!”

The moment he said that, Diana entered the outpatient clinic department.

She stood at the door and waved to Oliver. “Dr. Channing.”

Oliver stuck his hands in his pockets and walked toward her. “You look great today.”

He was never one to be stingy with his praises.

Diana was slightly taken aback. “Does white…suit me?”

She had always thought that she favored the Morandi color system, and had always worn clothes in
those colors. She was worried that wearing white wouldn’t suit her.

However, Julian thought that she looked good.

Though that was because it was a color that Kayla liked.

She didn’t expect Oliver to praise her for looking good, too.

It made Julian’s praise for her in the white dress feel more genuine.

“It does.” Oliver wanted to add that everything she wore suited her, but he stopped himself out of worry
that it might sound too frivolous. Instead, he simply added, “You look as good in white as you do in the
Morandi colors that you like so much.”

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