Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 565

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The smile on Diana’s face deepened as she replied graciously, “Thank you.”

She thanked him for his praises, which untangled the knot in her heart and made her less resistant
against white.

“This umbrella is for you.” She fished out a black and white umbrella from her bag. “See if you like it?”

Oliver was sharp, and immediately understood what Diana said. “You picked this out specially for me?”

“Yeah.” Diana didn’t want to tell Oliver about it, but that would make it look like she was overly
concerned about it. But since he had asked about it, there was no need for her to lie. The more casual
she was about things, the more it would calm things down between them. “I prepared it, since you
requested for me to bring you an umbrella as a way of repaying you.”

She was simply repaying his kindness, nothing more.

Diana caught the tinge of disappointment flashing past Oliver’s eyes.

She knew Oliver’s feelings for her, and didn’t want him to be sad. So, she changed the subject rather
awkwardly and said, “You’re probably the only person who doesn’t bring an umbrella in this whole
hospital.” She remembered the colleague who had just left and asked, “Were you intending to ask a
colleague for help to buy lunch instead of heading out?”

Oliver was stunned for a moment before he nodded. “Yeah.’’

He would be foolish as to expose himself for lying to her so that she would bring an umbrella to him
and he could see her once more.

“If I don’t come tonight and it’s still raining by then, what are you going to do?”

“Fanny will send a car to fetch me.” His tone remained unchanged even as he mentioned Fanny, as if
he had gotten used to such an arrangement.

Diana, on the other hand, felt sad for Fanny and couldn’t help but ask,” Every time it rains, without fail?”

“Not so,” Oliver replied. “Every day.”

Whether rain or shine, ever since he entered the emergency department, Fanny would always
comment about how tiring the work was and began making transport arrangements for him.

Sometimes, when she was free, she would come over with the car. Other times, when she was busy
with work, it would just be the black car appearing at the hospital entrance.

Technically speaking, there was no need for her to make such arrangements as Oliver was fully
capable of settling these things himself.

However, she would always tell Oliver that she wanted to do something for him in return for all that the
Channings had done for her.

With time, Oliver began getting used to her special treatment.

Now that Diana asked him about it, something seemed to dawn upon him as he said, “Fanny’s so busy,
yet she still has to think about these insignificant affairs of mine. I wonder if it gets tough on her.”

“Why don’t you go see her?” Diana suggested. “That way, you’ll find out, won’t you?”

Coincidentally, he was off-duty later in the afternoon.

Oliver pondered for a moment before looking up at Diana. “Sure. Do you want to come along?”

Fanny fancied Oliver; that was a secret that Diana realized long ago.

She knew it was best not to appear with Oliver before Fanny, and was about to reject him when he
added, “She’s been wanting to ask you about how things are going with your studio. She just hasn’t
had the time to do so.”

Diana didn’t dare to be careless about anything regarding investment, so she said, “Sure, let’s go

Unbeknownst to the two, Julian stood at the entrance and saw them leave the hospital, chatting and
laughing away.

He could see clearly that Diana was here specifically to deliver an umbrella to Oliver.

The rain grew heavier and Julian was standing right in the midst of it, but he was extraordinarily quiet.
Cold spread through his body; he wanted nothing more than to stand right before them, grab Diana’s
arm, and pull her away from Oliver, i

“Sir.” Noel was afraid that he might be rash, so he added, “Madam doesn’t like Oliver. Don’t worry.”

This was something that Noel asked personally and was confirmed by both Oliver and Diana.

Julian felt his soul return to him, and his anger dissipated. “Yeah, I know.”

Yet, he didn’t feel confident.

He wasn’t confident that Diana wouldn’t fall in love with Oliver, and subsequently leave him.

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