Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 563

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“I have something else to attend to.” The kiss left as quickly as it came. “I’ll be off now.”

With that, he walked to the door and Diana was left watching his retreating figure.

He was becoming sillier and sillier nowadays…

That was Julian’s own honest take of himself.

He knew he would only desire her more with every touch, yet he couldn’t hold himself back from
drawing closer to her.

Simply touching her lips was enough to send his body burning, making him instinctively want to hold
her tight.

Each time he kissed her, he felt like an addict on overdose.

If he didn’t stop himself in time, he knew what he was capable of doing to her.

He didn’t dare to go that far.

He was afraid that he would go overboard, and that she wouldn’t be willing.

He had to go slow.

Go slow…

He warned himself that countless times.

If it weren’t for the mess in the studio, Diana would’ve thought that what just happened was a dream.

Even the few times he told her to look at him felt especially unreal.

That prideful, haughty and domineering man was putting forth a request to her like a petulant child.

He was different from the man in Diana’s memories.

His goodness and compromise were always out of maturity; giving in to her from a position of
superiority, as a husband to his wife. It was a standard to meet and a model to follow, but not the kind
of intimacy one would see between lovers.

The thought of such intimacy belonging only to Kayla made Diana feel like she had swallowed a knife,
and she was unable to talk and breathe for a long time.

Her nose suddenly became blocked, and she wiped it hard with a napkin before standing up to go to
the washroom.

She scratched her lips until it broke once again.

She didn’t want any traces of Julian left on her body.

All the more she didn’t want traces of him that came with his affections and thoughts of Kayla

Her eyes turned blurry, but she didn’t know what caused it.

She wiped her tears away, and buried herself back into her work.

Thanks to Julian, Diana saw Winnington Inc.’s name on the exhibition participants list. She had to
make sure she was prepared in order for her plan to go smoothly.

Time was passing so quickly, yet Kayla did nothing at all, as if simply registering for the exhibition
would guarantee her the position ofchampion.

Her idle attitude made James deeply uneasy. “Kayla, there’s only one more day left before the
exhibition,” he persuaded her earnestly, “you should spend some time to prepare for it.”

Kayla smiled confidently and assured him, “Don’t worry. I’ve arranged everything.”

Since she said she would defeat Diana, then she would definitely do it.

James didn’t feel reassured, though, and asked further about her arrangements with the intention of
helping her come up with ideas. However, Kayla refused to let him in on her arrangements and simply
told him confidently, as if her victory was a shoo-in, “Whatever it is, I can defeat her and draw Julian’s
attention to me. In fact, I can make Julian call me his fiancee.”

James was so happy to hear Kayla’s words that he almost jumped. He scratched his ear and said, “Did
I hear you wrongly?”

She could make Julian marry her so quickly?!

Well done, Kayla!

On the surface, it looked like she didn’t do anything on the surface. Yet, she could blow everything up
and surprise everyone with a bang!

James became happier the more he thought about it. “In that case, should I suit up in something
special on the day of the exhibition?”

After all, it would be the day he officially became Julian’s father-in-law.

Except this time, he wasn’t relying on that cheap wench Diana, whom he had no hope in whatsoever.

Ultimately, he had to depend on his Kayla.

Kayla shrugged. “Up to you. Wear whatever you want.”

The only thing that mattered was her dressing up well and being the center of attention.

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