Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 562

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When she looked up, it was to see that he looked perfectly fine and was even in great spirits at that.

“What’s wrong?” She didn’t understand.

Julian was furious.

How could this woman not get it? Why was she obsessed with all these lousy clothes?

He was so anxious that he messed up the pile of clothes before her and forced her to fix her eyes on
him. “Look at me!”

Her studio looked like it had been broken in by a thief, with so many piles of clothes all in a mess.
Diana suppressed the anger rising in her chest as she looked at him from head to toe. “What exactly do
you want?”

Julian couldn’t figure her out. “I just want you to look at me!”

Why was it so difficult to get her to look at him instead of looking at her clothes?

Did she think he was a mere corpse sitting there?

Even if he really were a corpse, she should have spared him a look.

Diana was stunned for a moment before finally understanding where he was coming from. “Do you
want me to stop being so busy with work and look at you?”

She finally got it.

Julian turned proud once more as he snorted with his head up high, as if it was Diana’s own

Diana was on the verge of having a headache.

She knew clearly that Julian was whining to her.

“I’ve looked at you.” She fixed her eyes on Julian, counted silently to 60, and then bent forward to pick
up the clothes he had thrown all over the studio.

She didn’t have much time left, and she had to make the best arrangements she could. If there was
any room for improvement and refinement in the clothes, she would do it.

Suddenly, Julian gave her a pat.

Diana immediately stood up and turned around to glare at him in anger.” What exactly are you up to?!”

She was Kayla’s replacement alright, but sometimes, she didn’t want to take Kayla’s place in receiving
such rude gestures.

All the more she didn’t want Julian giving her the full treatment as he did Kayla.

Upon seeing the displeasure in his eyes, she gentled her tone but still snorted. “Can’t you just talk
normally? Must you touch me like that?”

This woman changed so quickly.

Julian was indignant. “You…used to like that.”

Each time he did it in the past, she would blush red. That look was enough to make his desires burn.

By now, Diana was on the verge of collapse.

She really wanted to ask Julian why he kept mentioning their past, especially if he just wanted to treat
her as Kayla’s replacement and find that complete and uninjured Kayla in her.

What’s more, it was about something so private and intimate…

How could he say that so naturally right here in her office?

How shameless!

She took a deep breath and forced her heart to stop racing as she composed herself. “It was at night
back then, and not in the day.”

“So you mean we can do that at night, but not in the day?”

Diana was speechless.

Was he mad?!


Who asked him to touch her buttocks?

Wasn’t touching her lips enough?!

The thought of that made her subconsciously lick her lips. Strange.

The ointment he applied on her lips was really effective. He had only applied it for one night, and the
broken skin was all healed the next day. She even managed to apply some lipstick today; her lips
looked like ripened cherries asking to be picked.

Julian drew closer to her.

He exuded an aggressive, manly aura that complemented his unique, urbane vibes. He held the back
of Diana’s neck and repeated himself,” Look at me.”

He was finally satisfied when he could see her beautiful black eyes filled with his silhouette, and leaned
in to give her a hard kiss on her lips.

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