Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 561

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Julian Fulcher was no fool.

That was clearly seen from how he investigated Kayla when she was abroad and found out about her
true nature.

He was way smarter than she could ever imagine.

The more Kayla thought about it, the happier she became. “I feel like I love him even more than I did in
the past.”

Therefore, she would never give up on marrying him.

“Let’s go back home.” Kayla looked at James, “I want to recharge and rejuvenate.”

James saw how calm and composed she was. “Not going to make preparations for our event

The event was going to start in a week.

Given Kayla’s current state, how was she planning to defeat Diana?


Diana was sneezing throughout the afternoon at work. In order to emerge as champion at the
exhibition, she had been working for the past two days in her studio.

Julian was very upset with that.

He would sit in her office everyday with a black face as he stared at her busy figure.

At the start, she couldn’t get used to having an ice statue staring at her all day. It made her feel like the
air-conditioning in the room was switched on, and it was so cold she even put on a jacket. But she soon
became so engrossed in her work that Julian no longer bothered her.

If he enjoyed staring at her, so be it.

Whatever it was, she had to make proper preparations.

Julian was troubled.

Over the past two days, he went through six sets of clothes in this office. Yet, Diana didn’t even bother
sparing him a look.

She only had eyes for her work, sifting through her clothes collection and matching them.

He even stood up and walked a few rounds in front of her.

Yet she continued ignoring him, completely engrossed in her own pile of clothes.

He picked up a dress with his fingers and said, “Are you trying to win with these ugly things?”

Diana knew he was extremely bored here, but she deliberately ignored him.

Firstly, she wanted him to feel antsy the more he couldn’t get her attention.

She was trying to play hard to get.

It would make him stay by her side.

Secondly, she needed the time to think about how to make these clothes look even more outstanding
and attract more attention at the exhibition.

However, Julian’s comment that her clothes were ugly was a hurtful jab at her design.

She could no longer keep the smile on her face as she snatched her clothes back from him. “What do
you know?”

This was the first time someone insulted her work in such a way!

Julian was so upset that he wanted to teach her a lesson in the tone of a boss scolding his subordinate,
but then he quickly realized that Diana’s face had turned red with fury.

He deflated like a balloon and even hunched his back, humbling himself in posture as he said weakly,

He mumbled under his breath.

His voice was too low, desirable, and feeble.

It turned the room temperature up, and now, it felt like summer instead of winter, “Look at me….”

With that, he leapt forward and stood right in front of her, blocking her entire vision with his tall,
towering body. Diana was shocked, but he persisted and repeated, “Diana, look at me.”

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