Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 560

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Kayla agreed. “Well, she grew up in the countryside. I suppose someone who learned how to fight for
food with dogs wouldn’t have much of a spine.” To think that at times, she would be frightened by
Diana’s aura.

Now that she thought about it, Diana wasn’t the one who frightened her.

It was Julian Fulcher behind Diana.

“At the end of the day, she’s still a country bumpkin,” James lamented as he grew angrier at the
thought of how she humiliated him at the hospital.

He shouldn’t have been frightened by her at that time.

He should have just slapped her. She would have immediately knelt down to beg him for forgiveness!

Even if Julian were there to punish him, Diana would be cheap enough to fight to protect him, her

“Yeah,” Kayla said. “I wonder why Julian is so blind as to fancy her.”

James glanced at the frightening scars on Kayla’s face and noted her hoarse, scratchy voice. He
contrasted that with Diana’s graceful poise and felt something was off, but he couldn’t pinpoint exactly
what. He simply agreed blindly, parroting her sentiments. “Exactly. How could she even compare to

Kayla was praised to the heavens. Pleased, she said, “Daddy’s the best!”

James smiled. “As long as you don’t forget that after you marry Julian.”

With that, he asked Kayla, “Before, you said you have a plan to deal with Diana…”

“It’s no longer enough to just deal with her alone.” Kayla picked up the subject, and a look of
viciousness flashed past her eyes. “I won’t spare that d*mned old woman who urged me to go abroad
back then, either!”

She wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

Both of them can forget about escaping!

“What do you have in mind?” James asked.

“We have to start with this fashion exhibition.” Kayla picked up the promotional pamphlet as she
explained to James, “Now that Fulcher Inc. is in, it’s no longer just a simple fashion show. It has
become an exhibition cum auction at a larger scale. Be it from a company growth perspective or to deal
with Diana personally, we must participate.”

,’Yes.” James had already given up all hope on Diana, and pinned his hopes on Kayla instead.
Therefore, he was willing to show full support for all her ideas.

Kayla explained the event flow to James. “All fashion companies interested in participating in the event
have to display their best pieces at the exhibition. Important guests and socialites from all over the
world will be invited as well, and the pieces will be auctioned off and donated.

Fashion companies that come out on top during the auction will receive financial reputational support
for life. It is an event with great positive cyclical effects.

Julian’s another reason for us to participate in the event. He invested so much into it, he’ll surely be
there on the day itself.”

Kayla now no longer had any chance to see him. Even if she sent someone to find him, he would reject
her. The only thing she could do now is to create opportunities for herself.

James was glad to hear how comprehensive and thorough her plan was.

He felt confident about being the father-in-law of the owner of Fulcher Inc.” Kayla, you’re amazing.
Despite being disfigured, you still have the heart to think of all these…”

Kayla’s face fell at the mention of what hurt her the most, and she snapped, “Are you praising me or
insulting me?”

James realized he had said something wrong, and no longer dared to mention her face. “Praise! Of
course I was praising you!”

Seeing that Kayla still looked displeased, he quickly changed the subject.” Do you have the confidence
of emerging as champion if we take part in this event?”

They can only stand out from the competition and generate hype for their reputation if their best piece
can be auctioned off at the highest price during the event. That would also make Julian see Kayla in a
different light.

“Of course! As for Diana…” Ill-intentions crossed Kayla’s mind. “I’ll definitely beat her.”

She wanted to humiliate Diana in front of Julian.

James felt rather uncertain. “How are you going to secure victory? Did Julian invest in the event to
please Diana? Perhaps the competition is rigged and they’ve already decided on the champion.”

“Impossible.” Kayla was certain she knew Julian well. “He’s very particular about the returns of his
investment, and will never do something as ridiculous as using money to make a woman happy.”

“But over the years, he’s been investing in our family business…”

If it weren’t because James was still useful to her, Kayla really wanted to crack open the former’s skull
to see if water had leaked into it.

With a look of annoyance, she explained, “Ever since Fulcher Inc. started investing, have you seen
Winnington Inc. making a loss?”

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