Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 559

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It might not be able to heal the wound and restore her lips back to their original state overnight, but it
could at least prevent the wound from exacerbating.

Her health wasn’t in tiptop condition, so it was best to pay close attention in all areas.

Julian cared for her very deeply and thoroughly.

Diana could sense how careful he was in applying the ointment on her lips with the cotton bud. The
serious look on his face and the deep affection in his eyes were much too overwhelming.

However, she wouldn’t fall for it again and her heart would never be moved by it.

She treated herself like a fish on a chopping board, to be dealt with by her owner in any way he wished.

After all, she still needed him to deal with Kayla.

“Alright.” He chucked the cotton bud aside and ordered Diana, “Don’t sleep in tomorrow morning. I
have some health supplements that you need to finish on an empty stomach before six in the morning,
after which you can only have breakfast two hours later.”

Medicine, medicine, medicine.

Yet another medicine.

Diana didn’t get it. “What’s with my health? Why do I need so much medicine and health

She was very bothered by having to take so much medicine in the Fulcher household.

It subconsciously triggered memories of Kayla drugging her.

Had she realized that something was off with Mr. Carter and been more careful, her babies wouldn’t
have become so vulnerable and might possibly still be alive right now.

Julian was not at all taken aback by Diana’s exclamation.

Diana had always detested taking medicine.

She found it bitter-tasting.

He would always prepare sweets for her, and he would stuff them into her mouth right after she took
her medicine.

Sometimes, she would whine and refuse to take her medicine, and he would have to hug and coax her
for a long time.

Now that he thought about it, he showed an extraordinary level of patience toward Diana.

It simply took him a long time to be aware of his own feelings.

Julian’s lips curled into a small smile as he placed his hand gently on her back as he cajoled her,
“Diana, be good. You’ll get better after taking the medicine and become as strong as you were in the

His words made Diana feel like someone had plugged the hole in her heart.

It was no longer empty, but she found it very suffocating and breathless.” Okay.”

She had to recuperate in order to go back to what she was in the past.

In order to be the perfect replacement for him.

In order to let him feel like he had a complete Kayla.

How deep did he have to love her to reject reality and find her shadow from another woman?

Upon seeing her agree, Julian finally heaved a sigh of relief. “Have a good rest.”

He looked just like an emperor busying himself with visiting his numerous concubines. Diana laughed
inwardly at herself for landing in such a pathetic state.

She clearly knew that she was a replacement and that this man had just returned from visiting the
woman of his dreams. Yet, she could still smile and talk with him for so long.

Thankfully, he didn’t stay in her room.

The aversion in her heart lessened, leaving behind her disappointment in him which she suppressed.
Even she herself didn’t notice it.

Soon, it was the day Kayla was supposed to be discharged.

Kayla and James couldn’t wait for the day to come. “Kayla.”

James came to fetch her. After they were done with the discharge procedures, he anxiously told her
about the large-scale fashion event which turned into a sensational commercial event after Fulcher Inc.
invested in it. “That day, Diana came over to tell me about it to get our new fashion business to
participate. I thought it was a ploy, but it turns out she had good intentions. I told you so; the worse I
treat her, the more she’ll try to please me. She just wants fatherly love from me.”

James smiled smugly as claimed, “She’s not much different from her mother!”

Kate had known about his affair for a long time, and had even managed to guess Kayla’s existence. Yet
she didn’t say anything about it and continued treating him well.

‘They’re all cheap b*tches!” James laughed.

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