Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 558

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Seeing how anxious Diana was, Julian felt the same sense of urgency as well. “One minute.”

He tapped away on his phone screen as he sent a text to Noel. Noel immediately understood him
without any further questions. One minute later, he replied, “Done.”

Julian showed Diana the text. Although Diana had always known that Julian was quick and decisive,
she didn’t expect him to be efficient to this extent.

She immediately felt a weight lifted from her shoulders. “Thank you.”

Julian didn’t need her to thank him, and didn’t want to hear it from her. He wished she would simply
take it for granted when he did things for her.

That would prove that things between them have returned to how they were in the past.

Yet, he knew full well that it was impossible for them to return to the past.

They could only start anew.

“If you really want to thank me, are those two words enough?” His words were like a weight hanging
above her head, so heavy that she couldn’t bring herself to lift her head up.

Diana bit her lips, “What do you want, then?”

“Nothing much.” Julian pulled out the ointment he just got from the hospital and said, “As long as you
agree to let me apply this ointment for you every day, I’ll accept that as your sign of gratitude.”

Julian’s request was so meager that Diana was stunned for a moment.” Apply ointment?”

“Yes.” Julian twisted the cap of the ointment open. “That powder you’re using isn’t very effective.”

He stared at her lips, his eyes darkening with untold emotions. “Use this from now on.”

Diana’s lip condition wasn’t because of what she ate or an injury. It was more likely an aftermath of
Julian kissing her.

If he hadn’t kissed her, she wouldn’t have had this wound.

Even if she didn’t apply the ointment, the wound would heal by itself in one or two days.

What’s more, she actually didn’t want the wound to heal so quickly.

If it healed quickly, Julian would come biting her again and make her feel uncomfortable.

She looked at the simple packaging of the ointment and made up an excuse on the spot. ‘This ointment
looks like it comes from some unknown source.”

If this were a product of unknown source, then all of the government hospitals were filled with quacks.

It was hard to get a number at Vans’s clinic, not to mention the hospital director.

If it weren’t Julian who requested, it would be tough inviting two popular doctors to diagnose the same

What’s more, this patient wasn’t even severely ill. She merely had a broken lip…

However, Julian didn’t explain all these to her and neither did he refute her words. He merely squeezed
some ointment onto a cotton bud and ordered Diana rather domineeringly, “Come here.”

It seemed he didn’t care at all about what she just said.

He didn’t even bother giving her an explanation.

Things were the same as they were before, especially with him disregarding her opinion.

Only his opinion mattered.

A leopard truly never changes its spots.

Diana felt as if someone had punctured a hole in her heart, letting wind in and making her feel insecure
and ungrounded. She didn’t know if that was considered sorrow, but she knew she felt uncomfortable,
and it showed on her face. “For what?”

‘To let me apply the ointment.”

He was ridiculously stubborn. Diana refused to step forward. “Hasn’t it already been applied?”

“Didn’t you just say you want to thank me?”

He had already made it clear that she had to be sincere in expressing her gratitude; the sincerity he
wanted her to express was in allowing him to apply the ointment for her.

Once again, he had a hold over her and was threatening her with it.

Diana was extremely displeased with his usual domineering stance, but because what he said was
true, she had to step forward looking. She looked as if she were receiving the death sentence. She
lifted her head, and pulled up the corner of her lips. “Here.”

She looked as if she was telling Julian that he could have his way with her, whether he wanted to kill or
scratch her.

With the cotton bud in hand, Julian gently applied the ointment on her lip wound. ‘This works wonders.”

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