Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 557

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She handed the promotional pamphlet to him and said, “I’m facing some difficulties.”

Julian kept the medicine the moment he heard it, and said in all seriousness, “What difficulties?”

It was rare of Diana to take the initiative to ask him for help, so he was glad to be of service.

”1 don’t know how reliable this event is,” she said with feigned ignorance.” Can you help me take a look
if it’s convenient for you?”

Julian took the pamphlet.

He was well-versed with such things, and came to a conclusion right after glancing through it. “It’s very
reliable. Many listed companies back this event up, and your popularity will likely skyrocket if you can
come out on top in this event.”

Of course, Diana knew what Julian was talking about. She wouldn’t treat her career as a mere tool for

Mr. Whatever’s investment, Fanny’s trust in her, and her own career aspirations demanded her to make
proper plans for the growth of her studio.

“What about Fulcher Inc.?”

Julian didn’t understand her question. “Fulcher Inc.?”

What did this have to do with Fulcher Inc.?

“With Fulcher Inc.’s guarantee alongside this event, after my studio clinched the award, won’t it further
hype up the popularity?”

Julian looked at Diana in slight surprise.

She was truly different from how she was in the past.

If it were Diana in the past, she would never bow her head to him and wouldn’t indirectly ask him to use
Fulcher Inc.’s name to generate hype for the event.

However, Julian was delighted to see that.

This meant that Diana was willing to accept his help.

“Sure,” he agreed eagerly. “I’ll have Noel contact the organizer and commit Fulcher Inc. to investing 15
million dollars.”

15 million dollars?!

Diana was in shock. “I didn’t think of asking you to spend money. I was just N

She just wanted the official name of Fulcher Inc. to boost promotional efforts. That alone was enough
for her.

“It’s my pleasure.”

The reason he earned money was so that she could spend it, after all.

It wasn’t important to him how the money was spent.

He added with slight trepidation, “No need to return the money. If you don’t believe me, we can sign a
legally binding contract.”

Of course, Diana wouldn’t sign something like that as it was meaningless to her.

Having dealt with Julian for so long, she knew clearly that no matter how tight the legal system was or
no matter how prescriptive the rules of the game were, it didn’t matter at all to him. It was simply a
matter of his will; whether he wanted to adhere to them or not.

He had the right to be arrogant and disregard everything in his way.

Boundaries could do nothing to stop him.

“I know I don’t need to return the money.” On the surface, Diana appeared to have completely put the
past behind her, where she was forced to pay up her debt to Julian. She smiled and said tenderly, “But
this concerns corporate investment, and I think you should think this through.”

“No need.” The look that Julian gave Diana was weighty with seriousness, filled with extreme trust and
the authority of one with power. “Every single company and business I invest in will definitely see high

He always had the ability to hold everything under control.

This was truly something that he was different from ordinary people.

Once again, Diana saw clearly the disparity between herself and Julian.

He was different even from people like Mr. Whatever and Fanny, who need not worry about money.

She could now say with absolute certainty that Julian was not Mr. Whatever.

That landlord wasn’t that confident in his investment.

Before, she was really worried, thinking that Julian would meddle with her career.

Truth is, if she didn’t raise the concern, he wouldn’t bother about her affairs.

‘That’s good,” Diana said. “When can we nail this down?”

The earlier Fulcher Inc. invested, the earlier Kayla and James would bite the bait and participate in the
event with her. Through this fashion design event, she would have the chance to creep into the
Winningtons’ newly established fashion business.

When that happens, Diana would definitely be able to cause great damage to James and Kayla!

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