Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 556

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A plan began to brew in her mind.

At this moment, Kayla stopped being anxious. “Okay.”

“I understand,” she said to Julian.” won’t pester you from now on. Don’t worry about the rumors in the
hospital, I’ll make things clear to them.”

Julian was satisfied to hear that. “Have a good rest.”

He glanced at the calendar and said, “The hospital director told me that you want to be discharged, but
I’ve arranged for a throat surgery for you on the day you’re scheduled to be discharged. Think about
whether you want to go ahead with the surgery.”

If she went ahead, it’d be a long while later until she could be discharged.

What’s more…

It also meant that after her throat was healed, Julian would owe her no more.

Kayla began panicking. “No… I’ve been hospitalized for so long, and it’s putting me in a bad mood. I’ll
think about the surgery after the scars on my face heal, okay?”

Finding a chance to make Julian marry her was more important than treating her throat.

Julian was rather surprised, but he chose to respect her decision. “Sure, it’s up to you.”

Anyway, he had already made arrangements with the doctor. The moment Kayla was willing, the
surgery could happen anytime.

Kayla heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Julian.”

Julian nodded and gave his final instruction, “Deal with the rumors in the hospital, alright?”

He didn’t want Diana hearing about them.

Ever since Julian left, Diana hadn’t been able to fall asleep.

She knew that he went to the hospital to see Kayla.

It was already so late. While talking to her before, he must’ve sensed that she wasn’t Kayla, and went
ahead to look for the woman of his dreams.

Just like what happened in the past.

He would disregard his own promises and choose to abandon Diana for Kayla’s sake without any
hesitation whatsoever.

Diana should’ve gotten used to it by now.

She shouldn’t be petty about it.

But why did her heart still ache? Why did it feel as if many tiny needles were piercing through her
heart? The pain wasn’t fatal, but it was enough to bother her such that she couldn’t sleep.

Subsequently, she decided to just get out of bed and mull over how to destroy James Winnington.

He and Kate Renforth were Kayla’s right-hand men. If they were brought down, Kayla would certainly
feel the pain.

That was Diana’s first present to that good sister of hers.


When she went to Winnington Inc.’s office and handed the fashion event pamphlet to James before, he
looked clearly displeased.

He didn’t even spare her a look.

Still, James had to be interested in the event before he could allow a cooperation between his fashion
department and her studio. It would make things much easier for her.

But what could Diana do to lure James in?

Given how much James hated her right now, she couldn’t think of any ideas even after brainstorming
for a long time.

It was only until Julian entered the room that a brilliant idea came to mind.

She looked at him with overly-bright eyes.

Julian’s heart leapt as he tightened his grip over the medicine in his hands. “Diana, have you been
waiting for me to come back all this time?”

The look in his eyes was overly bright and aggressive, with a tinge of intensity that Diana didn’t expect.

Once more, it gave Diana the illusion that this man before her was deeply in love with her.

She should’ve realized sooner that her initiative to reconcile with him would lead to Julian’s acting skills
getting better and better.

Diana warned herself not to get wrapped up in a mere illusion, and to calm down quickly.

In the next moment, she flashed him a sweet smile.

“Yeah, I was waiting for you.”

She walked toward him with no intention of asking him where he went just now, whom he met, and
least of all, why he came to her room at this time.

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