Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 555

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Yet, Julian hadn’t done that.

In fact, he shoved the truth down deep in his heart and pretended not to know anything about it.

The reason was simple; he didn’t care one whit about it.

Kayla seemed to realize this, and she could feel a thousand knives driven through her heart; the agony
was such that she trembled in pain.

She was wrong.

She had been completely wrong!

She should never have gone abroad!

She shouldn’t have succumbed to such temptation!

And she absolutely shouldn’t have lied to him about her illness!

She should’ve known long ago that he wasn’t an ordinary man…

She should’ve known that the more lies she told, the more likely she would be exposed one day.

“So you’re saying that the only reason I have the right to talk to you now was because I saved you,”
Kala whispered.

“Yes,’ Julian replied without hesitation. “If it were anyone else, you wouldn’t be able to repay the
atrocities you’ve committed even if you had ten lives.”

Kayla’s heart beat wildly in her chest at that.

She clenched her hands fearfully, and tried to maintain a semblance of composure as she choked out,
“I’m grateful…”

Grateful that she had told a lie from a young age.

Grateful one again that she had taken away Diana’s golden ticket of saving Julian and turning it into her
own lifeline.

“Whether you believe it or not,” Kayla said as she leaned against the bed rail and clutched her blanket
tightly, “the only man I have ever loved is you.”

Whether it was his appearance, status, or intellect, Kayla admired everything about Julian.

“That wealthy heir…’ Kayla bit her lip. ‘ I never did anything inappropriate with him.”

To this day, she was indeed pure.

However, she was definitely in the wrong when it came to the lies about her stomach cancer.

Despite that, she dared not give any further explanation or justification.

So she diverted his attention and said, “Wanting to marry you has always been my dream ever since I
was a child. When I thought you were reluctant to marry me, I wanted to push you a little, hoping that
it’d give some progress.”

Yet no matter how she had planned everything, she could never anticipate Diana’s appearance, which
disrupted everything.

“If you don’t believe me, ask your grandmother.”

Madam Fulcher had instigated many aspects of Kayla’s decision to go abroad.

That was also the reason Kayla harbored such deep hatred and resentment toward both Diana and
Madam Fulcher.

It was because of that d*mned old hag that all of this happened!

“Kayla,” Julian said as he looked at her. “Do you still not understand? I won’t ask or look into anything
concerning you anymore because it’s pointless.”

Julian’s time was precious.

He would rather spend it on Diana, as it wouldn’t be wasted and be time well spent.

But if it involved another woman, he would consider it a complete waste.

In fact, it would be better to use that time to create more wealth in his business.

Kayla was taken aback by his abruptness.

“Don’t you believe my words?”

“I do,” Julian said.

It was simply because whether or not there was love or lack thereof between them, or who loved

None of it mattered.

Kayla understood his response, and her heart ached deeply.

“In this lifetime… Is it really impossible for you to turn around and look at me again?”

“I can’t.”

“Is there any possibility left of you marrying me?”

“There isn’t.”

“Then… Will there ever be a day when you think of me?”

“There will be,” Julian said. “I’ll think about whether you intend to harm Diana again. If the day does
come, it’d be whether I should consider the life -saving grace when dealing with you.”

In other words, as long as Kayla thought of harming Diana again…

No matter how great the favor she had once granted him, it wouldn’t matter anymore!

Kayla sensed his ruthlessness in his statement, which only served to feed her hatred toward Diana.

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