Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 554

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“If you didn’t love me, you shouldn’t have given me the illusion that you couldn’t live without me all
these years!” Kayla yelled, clenching her fist as she mustered the courage to glare at the noble man
before her, expressing her deepest dissatisfaction.

Julian seemed to have been waiting forthose words. He remained calm, not a trace of guilt on his face.
Instead, a sense of composure that hadn’t been there when he first entered the hospital room
surrounded him.

A foreboding sensation suddenly crept up on Kayla. True enough, when Julian opened his mouth to
speak, his words were as cutting and as sharp as a blade; his deep eyes looked down at Kayla with a
sense of superiority.

“Were you really wholeheartedly in love with me for all these years? Have you truly loved me for all this
time, and no other?”

The more he spoke, the more absurd it sounded.

Kayla looked at him in sheer disbelief.

“How could you say that?”

Julian raised an eyebrow, completely unperturbed. There was not a drop of mercy in his voice as he
snarled, “Did you really think that no one knew about what you’ve done abroad? That I didn’t know

Kayla’s face turned pale immediately.

“I… I…!”

Yes, she had done some things while she had been abroad that would be considered a betrayal to
Julian. But at that time…

“I was so lonely back then! I was sick and all alone in a foreign country… I needed someone to be
there for me.”

In the end, she returned to her fake stomach cancer to use it as an excuse.

Julian remained tranquil, though he had more to say. “On your first day in that foreign land, as a patient
with stomach cancer, you drank a load of alcohol. Fortunately, that man was with you, so nothing
happened to you.

Forthat, I’m grateful to him.’

Julian spoke in a calm voice, but Kayla’s heart was churning with turmoil. Her eyes were wide, and her
lips had turned deathly pale.


She stared at Julian as if she was looking at a ghost.


She repeated the words several times, but nothing else escaped her lips.

H-How did he know about that?

When had he found out?!

“I’m not stupid, Kayla,” Julian said.

In fact, he was a rather intelligent man. After all, he controlled a significant portion of Richburgh’s and
even the country’s economic lifeline. He had grown his business empire to a terrifying extent.

It would be simply insulting and abnormal if he allowed himself to play by Kayla’s rules.

Julian hadn’t brought it up before because he hadn’t wanted to embarrass her.

However, the fact that she brought up Diana on her own and continued to blame Diana for no reason
other than to vent her own dissatisfaction annoyed him greatly. Julian wanted to knock some sense into

“I understand perfectly well how mild or severe your stomach cancer had been,” Julian continued.

After discovering that Kayla had been responsible for drugging Diana, he immediately instructed Noel
to dig up all of Kayla’s past actions.

Three years ago, Julian didn’t have the power to extend his influence abroad.

Now, with Fulcher Inc., which was now a global entity that everyone wanted to collaborate with,
investigating a woman who had spent time abroad three years ago was a piece of cake.

As a result, everything about Kayla, including her ambiguous relationship with a wealthy heir overseas
and the fact that her stomach cancer wasn’t as serious as she had claimed but rather a mild illness,
was laid out before him in full detail.

Even though he knew this woman before him had played him like a fiddle, he felt no anger because he
had willingly believed that he wholeheartedly loved her.

But deep down, Julian understood that his true love was Diana.

When he obtained the information a while back, he felt no anger, only slight amusement. He found it
amusing that Kayla had really managed to manipulate him this way.

Kayla’s so-called love didn’t seem to run as deep as she claimed, it seemed.

“We’re even now,” Julian said.

It was true that he had led her on during her youth and caused her to go down the wrong path with him,
but she…had also harmed his children and his woman.

No matter how it was calculated, it was impossible to be considered even.

Ultimately, it was because of the debt of gratitude he owed her for saving his life that he had spared
her. Those who were sensible would keep their distance from him after all those incidents, and those
who were obedient would also seek new relationships instead of trying to rekindle something that was

“I was wrong,” Kayla admitted, sounding sincerely regretful. “I shouldn’t have used my going abroad as
a bargaining chip, and attempt to make you love me more after going through my disappearance. I
shouldn’t have had a relationship with that man. I shouldn’t have lied to you about having advanced-
stage stomach cancer. I shouldn’t have-‘

“Enough,” Julian stopped her; his expression was calm and indifferent, but his tone was ruthless. ‘Your
regret and repentance mean nothing to me.”

Had he cared about it even the slightest bit, he would’ve confronted her as soon as he had obtained
the information.

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