Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 552

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Miss Winnington.

Was he thinking about Diana or Kayla, who was disfigured?

Seeing Diana in a daze, Julian couldn’t help but punish her for her lack of focus.

His voice grew deeper as he said, “Look at me.”

It was hard not to blush with such a handsome man staring at her. His arms stretched out slowly and
encircled her before finally landing on her shoulder.

Diana’s face flushed instantly.

It seemed like…

She had misunderstood again.

It was no wonder Julian had laughed and called her anxious.

Clearly, he was just giving her a regular massage!

Diana had misunderstood again.

She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to die, and she wished she could dig a hole in the room and
bury herself in it.

With Julian’s playful gaze on her, Diana simply closed her eyes and pretended she was dead.

However, the feeling of his hands on her as he massaged her was impossible to ignore, and she
couldn’t maintain her indifferent expression.

“I misunderstood,” Diana said, taking the initiative to admit her mistake so he wouldn’t do anything else
to her.

“It won’t happen again,” she emphasized.

How could Julian let that happen?

He wanted her to misunderstand more!

Her ears were so red that they were like tomatoes, so she gritted her teeth and reminded him, “I also
hope you won’t do things that will cause misunderstandings like this again.”

Julian continued to massage her as he laughed softly.

“But you sound quite disappointed?”

“I’m not-“

Before she could finish her sentence, she subtly shifted her body.

Julian’s massage techniques were quite comfortable, and it felt as good as a professional masseur.

She had shifted into a more comfortable position, but the hand on her froze slightly.

Julian furrowed his brows and had his eyes closed, but his face was filled with patience.

Diana noticed something off about him, but she didn’t dare move or even breathe too loudly. Only when
he opened his eyes again to reveal a clear expression did Diana dare breathe.

She was at a loss at what to do, when Julian suddenly spoke. “I need to head out for a bit.”

Today was her first day after moving in.

He had said he would accompany her.

But now, as night fell, Julian seemed impatient and changed his mind, wanting to leave as though he
couldn’t stand to stay another moment in here with her.

Fortunately, Diana had become accustomed to his fickleness.

After Julian left, he headed straight for the hospital.

There were three things he needed to do there.

First, he needed to pick up the medicine for Diana’s chapped lips that Vans and the hospital dean had
prepared for her.

Second, he needed to ensure they continue to provide Diana with medicine and supplements primarily
for her health and to stimulate her appetite.

As for giving her massages to help, it was now clear now that was out of the question.

Julian couldn’t control himself during the massages.

If Diana hadn’t been unwell, he wouldn’t have left the villa so quickly.

Third, he needed to confront Kayla and destroy the rumors that had spread around the hospital.

The first two were easy, as it was just a matter of words.

The most difficult part was facing Kayla.

He felt somewhat guilty that he hadn’t been able to distinguish his feelings earlier, leading Kayla to
misunderstand his intentions.

However, the guilt was alleviated when he thought about how Kayla had drugged Diana.

With those thoughts in mind, he pushed open the doors and walked in.

Kayla’s room had been restored to its original state, with the only difference being the absence of the

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