Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 553

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The hospital dean feared that Kayla would hurt herself with the broken glass, so he had the staff
remove all the mirrors from the room and leave it completely clean.

Julian noticed this change as soon as he entered the room. His steps hesitated slightly at that, but after
some thought, he still approached Kayla.

She appeared to be asleep.

The scar on her cheek resembled a centipede, giving her a somewhat pitiful appearance.

After about half an hour, she gradually woke up. When she opened her eyes, she blinked a few more
times, thinking she was seeing things.

She rubbed her eyes and confirmed that the man before her was real, and she called out tentatively,

Her tone was filled with shock and surprise.

Julian didn’t want her to misunderstand anything. His face was icy and he went straight to the point.
“Kayla, have you been spreading rumors in the hospital recently?”


Kayla’s heart skipped a beat, feeling somewhat at a loss for a moment.

She didn’t dare look up to meet his eyes.

With her head down, she caught sight of his impeccably handcrafted designer shoes. Looking up
further, she noted his navy blue tailored trousers, and then…

A narrow waist, broad shoulders, and distinctive air settled around Julian.

The man that was originally meant to be hers.

But now…

A wave of indignance spread through her, and she pulled out her phone and pulled up Diana’s social
media feed.

“It wasn’t me who spread rumors! It was Diana showing off! Someone confused me with her and
thought that I…was your…woman…”

When she had said those words before, she sounded so justified. But now, it had become a pain that
she couldn’t voice!

Julian was puzzled.

“Diana, showing off?”

How did this whole thing involve Diana?

Julian’s face turned colder instantly, and the air in the room dropped several degrees; time seemed to
have stopped, sending terrible chills down Kayla’s spine.

“I warned you not to have any bad intentions toward Diana!”

The man’s imposing manner was overwhelming; Kayla had the impression he would strangle her if she
dared utter a single word right now, and she could feel herself choking on the heavy air.

Her hand began to tremble, and the scene of Julian ordering for the drug to be administered to her
remained vivid in her mind.

After taking a few breaths, she finally mustered the courage to offer him her phone.

“Julian…” Kayla called out weakly. “Look…”

Julian finally felt a trickle of compassion when he saw her anxious expression, and he asked, “What?”

Without waiting for an answer, he snatched the offered device and glanced at it.

When he saw what was on the screen, the icy cold air around the room dissipated completely, leaving
only a hint of joy.

“Is this Diana’s social media?”

“Yes,” Kayla said. “She’s been subtly hinting to everyone about the two of you getting back together.
Because I look similar to my sister, many people started flattering me…’

In other words, she was implying that the hospital dean was one of the people who started to flatter her
to get on her good side, hence why he personally administered medication to her and changed her

But if one were to think about it carefully, it was to find that her explanation was riddled with loopholes.

The incident of the hospital dean personally doing everything for Kayla happened before Diana posted
this picture on her social media, after all.

However, Julian had no time to dwell on the minor details as he was elated.

Diana had actually posted something related to him on her social media!


He pulled out his phone to open his WhatsApp, only to remember that she had already removed his
number from her blacklist.

Instantly, the corner of Julian’s lips curled up into a soft smile.

Kayla didn’t understand Julian’s reaction. Her eyes welled up with tears as her heart throbbed.

“Julian, I thought you hated public displays of affection…”

Especially taking photos.

When Kayla had pursued him in the past, she wanted to take pictures together but he had always
outright refused. The only few pictures they had together were taken by others in secret, and they
served as a small memento of their youth.

Looking back at it now, it felt as though those moments were stolen and fleeting.

But it didn’t matter.

Kayla took a deep breath and told herself that one day, those stolen moments would turn into bright,
genuine moments belonging to them.

“I don’t hate it,” Julian said earnestly as he looked up. “I just hate public displays of affection with
anyone other than Diana.”

It was the truth and a fact, yet his words stabbed right into Kayla’s heart like a knife.

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