Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 551

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“What do you mean by that?” Julian asked, displeased with her answer.” You shouldn’t be careless
when it comes to your health!”

With that said, he instructed the kitchen to brew some nutritious soup for her and said, “Go upstairs and
rest for a while. I’ll come sit with you in a bit.”

Diana didn’t refuse.

When she made her way upstairs, her silhouette looked particularly fragile, as though all the hardships
weighed heavily on her slender shoulders, shaking her life and making her existence even more fragile
than ever.

And a part of this had been caused by Julian.

Julian deeply regretted the stupid things he had done in the past. A tinge of heartache flickered in his
eyes, but in the end, he looked away and sat alone in the dining room with a dejected sigh.

Bringing Diana back to the villa was only the first step in his plan. According to his and Noel’s plan, the
next step was to make her accustomed to having him by her side again.

And then, it would lead to their remarriage.

He never valued their romantic relationship, but he valued their marriage because he wanted to marry
her and truly call her Mrs. Fulcher, his wife and the mother of his children.

His children…

Julian couldn’t help but sigh sadly at the thought. Would he still be fortunate enough to have Diana
bear him children in the future and form a complete family with her?

“Sir,” a servant from the kitchen called out as he approached Julian. “The soup for the missus is ready.”

Since Julian brought Diana back, the kitchen staff had prepared nourishing supplements for her, and it
was now ready.

“Would you like me to bring it up to her?”

“No,” Julian said, confirming that the servant had addressed Diana correctly as he took the bowl from
his hands. ’I’ll bring it up myself.’

The servant couldn’t help but admire Julian’s attitude. ’You’re really good to her.”

Julian smiled bitterly, and even his sharp jawline seemed to soften.

“No, not good enough.”

He was still far from being good to her.

Thus, he wanted to spend his entire life making it up to her.

Diana had just wiped away her tears when he pushed open the door. She had been recalling Aster and
Star and their ashes, which she would no longer be able to find, as well as how the doctor had
extracted their remains from her…

Those two clumps of bloodstains…

Those were her children.

“Here, having something to drink,” Julian said as he placed the bowl and spoon on the table, urging her
to come out of the bathroom.

However, she didn’t have any appetite. The cut on her lips had yet to heal, so it felt like she was
chewing on wax.

She took only a few bites before setting down her spoon.

Julian didn’t force her to eat.

After the servant took away the bowl, Julian gestured for Diana to lie down on the bed.

As she looked into his deep, inky eyes, she already knew what Julian had in mind. She couldn’t help
her heart from trembling at the thought as memories vividly replayed in her mind.

There was a time when she was bedridden as if she had undergone surgery, and she was afraid of
even stepping on the ground.

Only she knew the feeling of bitterness of such a situation.

She involuntarily pointed to the bright sky outside.

But Julian pulled the curtains shut, instantly plunging the room into darkness. There was a smile on his
lips, and his expression seemed rather cunning as he asked softly, “Is this fine?’

Diana was speechless.

If she had been overthinking in the car earlier, that was one thing. But now…

At worst, it would be like getting bitten by a dog. Diana would consider it a win as long as it could
provide material for her social media and annoy Kayla.

The air in the room seemed to become thinner as Diana held her breath, growing extremely nervous.

Julian saw her eyelashes trembling slightly, and his mood lightened. He chuckled, his voice rumbling
deep in his chest; it sounded as pleasant as water dripping on stones.

“Miss Winnington, are you more anxious than I am?”

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