Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 550

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If Diana wanted to make Julian happy, she shouldn’t push her limits with him when it came to Kayla.

“I don’t mind it anymore.”

It was obvious Diana was lying, and Julian could sense her displeasure. He quickly said, “You don’t
have to choose. Just throw everything away.”

With that, he started moving; throwing everything into a large cardboard box and then straight into the
trash downstairs.

Diana found this scene somewhat amusing.

Had Kayla done the same with Diana’s things when she first moved in?

No mercy, swift, and decisive actions.

And now, Julian was doing the same to Kayla’s things.

How did he manage to navigate between her and Kayla like this? Didn’t he get tired of it?

With these thoughts in mind, she couldn’t help the words that escaped her mouth in a whisper, “Is it
because…you don’t love Kayla that much?”

Julian paused.

What did she mean by that?

He didn’t even have any feelings of love toward Kayla at all!

He only had a sense of obligation toward Kayla, as well as a bond that had formed over the many
years of knowing each other.

He had explained this to Diana countless times, but it seemed she still refused to believe it.

Julian felt a wave of helplessness wash through him. He didn’t know how to explain things any clearer
to Diana.

After thinking for a while, he raised his hand, gently caressed Diana’s head as he used to, and said,
“Don’t think of nonsense like that.”

This used to be how he comforted Diana and showed her affection.

But today, it sent a chilling sensation through Diana; his actions seemed to have pushed her into an icy

Julian was always like this. He never gave her questions a straight answer, and simply pacified her like
a mindless doll.

“I’m not thinking about anything,” Diana said, shaking her head.

She was no longer interested in asking him such meaningless questions.

After all, she rarely told him any truths nowadays.

At this, a tinge of bitterness welled up in Julian’s eyes.

“Diana,” he said with a sigh. “Have you forgotten everything I’ve said?”


Diana was confused. Julian had said many things, and she didn’t dare make herself remember any of
them. If she did, she would only be torturing herself.

The thing Julian referred to was when he had told her to laugh if she was happy, cry if she was sad,
and curse if she was upset.

She didn’t need to put up an act before him, nor did she need to pretend she was feeling something
she wasn’t.

Julian wanted to emphasize this, but seeing her lack of enthusiasm, he lost the desire to continue
speaking and simply reached out to embrace her.

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

At this moment, Diana could clearly feel the warmth of his emotions. And yet…

She didn’t dare believe that this warmth was meant for her.

She closed her eyes wearily.

If… If their babies were still alive, would everything be different?

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as ‘what ifs* in life.

Diana pursed her lips and concealed all her pain, only letting her superficial side to surface.

Julian knew that moving back home didn’t mean that Diana had opened her heart to him. They still had
a long way to go.

Ultimately, they were in such a position because he had been a complete and utter scumbag. His
actions throughout this entire time before this had thoroughly shattered Diana’s trust in him.

In the days to come, he would have to proceed slowly and cautiously. He couldn’t afford to be
impatient, and that was what he told himself.

Eventually, all of Kayla’s things were thrown away. The guest room was once again empty, as if no one
had ever lived there.

If only people could be cleared out of life as easily as objects, swept away without a trace.

Later, Julian noticed that Diana didn’t eat much for dinner and was worried.

“Are you still not fully recovered?”

Diana’s hold on the spoon tightened. So, he still remembered that she had recently miscarried! She
thought he had long forgotten about her and the babies.

“I’m almost there,” Diana replied, trying her best to suppress the shakiness in her voice and not
allowing any emotions to leak through.

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