Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 548

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Of course not.

It had only been a rhetorical question.

But seeing Julian’s excitement, Diana couldn’t help but respond obediently, “Yes. It was a test to see if
you would do it.’

Julian chuckled and didn’t reply further. He would show her his sincerity through his actions once they
returned home.

In the hospital after Kayla’s tantrum, not only was the attending doctor changed, even the nurse who
previously attended to her was switched out.

The new nurse was a greenhorn with little experience under her belt. When she came to Kayla’s room,
she avoided looking at Kayla after seeing the latter’s horrendously disfigured face. She didn’t even
dare meet Kayla’s eyes when she first disinfected the wound.

This annoyed Kayla, who exploded in rage and lashed out on the spot. She only stopped when the
nurse’s face was red and swollen.

Since then, even the most basic task of changing the bandage was taken over by the hospital’s dean.

Kayla enjoyed her status where no one dared to criticize her, and her longing to be Mrs. Fulcher grew
even stronger.

“How much longer do I have to stay in the hospital?” she asked the dean.

The dean was well-informed of her condition and answered readily, “At least three more days. Your
face has recovered well, but only to the extent of being decent…after the disfigurement.’

Kayla’s skin had been soaked in saltwater for a long time, and not even the heavens would be able to
save her unless she underwent skin graft surgery after recovering.

However, the scars on Kayla’s face were in a delicate position; close to her facial and oral nerves. Even
with surgery, they would require a plastic surgery specialist to ensure no mistakes or accidents would
occur during the process.

Regardless, it wouldn’t be possible to do something like that in the next year due to the extent of her

Kayla knew how terrible her wounds were. Every time she thought about her pitiful state, she couldn’t
help but wish that she could tear Diana apart with her bare hands one day!

“Then arrange for my discharge after three days. I don’t want to stay here another day longer!” Kayla

She needed to go to the company and quickly direct all her resources to the Winnington family to
strengthen her position, as well as give James more benefits to ensure Diana couldn’t harm a hair on

The hospital dean agreed. “Shall I inform Mr. Fulcher as well?”

Kayla pondered for a moment and said, “Yes. Go ahead.”

Having the opportunity to let Julian know about her situation would help her make her presence known.
Perhaps he would even pick her up from the hospital when she was discharged.

Kayla immersed herself in the beautiful fantasies, and picked up her phone to browse through her
social media feed.

Soon after she started scrolling, her hands trembled…

From sheer rage.

She opened Diana’s feed multiple times to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her, and her
face slowly twisted into an ugly expression.

Diana’s post read: [Parting is always for a better reunion.]

Accompanying the post was a photo of Diana kissing Julian in a car.

Kayla was furious and threw her phone away in frustration, smashing everything she could get her
hands on in the room.

But even after she had finished destroying everything in her room, the picture remained deeply
engraved in her mind.

Diana’s flawless face seemed especially vivid…

Diana had always been more graceful and elegant compared to Kayla; and now, compared to her-who
had become a disfigured monster-Diana had outshone her even more!

How dare that b*tch, Diana!

This was clearly intentional!

She repeatedly claimed that she wanted to avenge her babies, but in reality, she just wanted to ruin
Kayla’s face completely!

Kayla couldn’t at all fathom the importance of Diana’s babies to the former, nor did she ever consider
that she had done anything wrong.

Rather, the more she thought about it, the more she believed that Diana had long harbored intentions
of stealing Julian away from her.

Perhaps even the divorce had been Diana’s plan to trap her!

That b*tch!

How dare she…!

Kayla trembled with anger, her entire being shaking. When her gaze fell upon the mirror and she saw
her reflection, she let out a crazed shriek and raised her hand to smash the mirror violently.

How could she have become so ugly?!

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