Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 547

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Diana was well aware of her goal, and was thus determined not to fall into the illusion of love Julian

She turned her head slightly to once again avoid physical contact with him.

“Let’s take a picture,’ Diana said as she turned on her phone camera.

Before Julian could react, she cupped his face and pecked the corner of his lips.

It was soft and had a sense of sharpness in it, as if she had cut through his heart and left a lasting mark
in it.

And Julian…

Truly savored the feeling.

Even such a fleeting kiss was enough to make him yearn for it for many years.

The click of the camera shutter captured their intimate moment.

In the photo, Diana was smiling, and she looked incredibly happy.

Julian’s face remained as icy as ever, but if one looked closely, there was a slight crack in his icy mask.

This was a true, meaningful photo of the two of them.

When they got married back then, they didn’t even take wedding photos. Even at their wedding
ceremony, though Julian hadn’t slacked on any of the formalities, he still didn’t allow anyone to take

Back then, Diana hadn’t understood the reason.

But later when Kayla appeared, she finally understood.

Julian was afraid that if he looked at the photos every day, he would notice the difference between her
and Kayla. In that case, he wouldn’t be able to delude himself and continue living with Diana.

“Let me see,” Julian said, but Diana put her phone away.

“You’ll see it later, but not now.”

She had already posted it on her social media.

She wouldn’t let Julian see it before Kayla. What if he ordered her to delete it otherwise?

If that happened, her efforts would be in vain.

Fortunately, Julian didn’t press further.

This led to the misconception that Julian was indulging her now. Diana found the sensation somewhat
different from when they had been married. In the past, the indulgence felt like what an ideal couple
should have; but now, it felt more like he was indulging her like a proper boyfriend would to his

Diana shook her head to dismiss these unrealistic thoughts and opened the car window, allowing the
breeze to cool them down. As the wind trickled in, it also seemed to bring some clarity to Julian, as he
didn’t lean in any closer to her.

Diana breathed a sigh of relief. It was uncomfortable to play the role of a loving couple with the man
she once loved when she knew full well that she was only a substitute.

She even despised herself a little for what she was doing; luckily, the fresh air saved her. She breathed
in greedily, as if it would make her feel better.

Julian noticed her stretching her neck to look outside. Thinking she was tired from the journey, he
immediately asked the driver, ’Are we there yet?”

“We’re almost there, sir,” the driver replied respectfully. “Five more minutes. H

Julian nodded and closed his eyes to rest.

Seeing his closed eyes, Diana felt more at ease. She didn’t strain her neck to look outside anymore,
but leaned against the seat and gradually calmed down.

Taking the chance of the peaceful atmosphere, Diana raised the topic again. “Julian, about what we
discussed earlier, about removing Kayla’s things. Let me do it on my own, okay?”

“No,” Julian replied easily. She would get tired from doing it, and he didn’t want her to trouble herself.

There were clearly servants at home who could take care of such tedious matters. Diana shouldn’t
have to do such rough work.

On the other hand, Diana had waited so long to make this request; as expected, he still didn’t agree.

It seemed he was still reluctant to let off any traces of Kayla.

His answer was within Diana’s expectations, so she wasn’t too disappointed.

However, in the next second, Julian added, “I’ll do it.”


“I’ll take care of it,” Julian explained. ’You can be there and throw away whatever you want.”

This wasn’t how Diana had expected the topic would go, so she was quite surprised.

“Are you willing to do that?’

Julian chuckled, then opened his eyes to take in the wide, fluttering eyes of the woman before him.

“Are you questioning me that to test me?”

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