Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 545

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Diana got straight to the point and said, *1 don’t want to see any traces of Kayla in the villa.”

Kayla had lived in the villa before, and had naturally left some things behind.

Seeing them gave Diana unease. She didn’t want any strong reminders of the woman who had harmed
her babies to be present around her.

“Okay,” Julian agreed readily.

The more Diana requested of him, the happier he was.

‘Til get the staff to take care of this right away.”

Julian realized he had overlooked this matter; rightfully, he shouldn’t have waited for Diana to bring it
up before he handled it.

“No need,” Diana said, shaking her head.

Her distant and captivating eyes resembled the serene beauty of a painting that exuded an
indescribable charm.

In fact, it gave Julian a strange sense of familiarity; something he felt the first time he had laid eyes on

However, this feeling had been overshadowed by Kayla’s disappearance, and he had ignored it.

“Sometimes, it feels like I’ve known you for a long time,” Julian said. ‘And not just since you came to
the Winnington family.”

If the acquaintance he spoke about wasn’t based solely on knowing her name, then it was true they
had known each other for a long time.

Diana wondered, had Julian said so because he knew about her saving him in the past?

Even so, it didn’t seem like it.

Madam Fulcher had mentioned that the Fulchers valued gratitude above everything, especially the debt
of saving one’s life.

It was why Julian had been so good to Kayla.

Diana didn’t know why fate played such cruel tricks on people. It hadn’t only made her and Kayla half-
sisters with different mothers, but also caused them to fall in love with the same man.

And at the same time, both sisters had also saved him once.

Julian remembered Kayla’s favor, yet Diana’s had long since vanished into the river of time…

As if it never happened in the first place.

Diana was the only one who vividly remembered her desperate efforts in the cave to warm the little boy
up all those years ago; a memory that belonged solely to her now.

“You must be joking,” Diana said, firmly shutting down any further attempt to discuss this topic.

She wanted to preserve the pureness of the memory of her first encounter with Julian.

Aside from that, she also hoped…

To not have any deeper involvement with him. She especially didn’t want him to get any ideas about
repaying her for saving his life.

She would consider it something that had happened when they were children, and that they now had a
clean slate as adults.

“How could we have met before?” Diana said, rolling her eyes, her face becoming more energetic. “I
grew up in the countryside, while you were born and raised in Richburgh.”

Julian seemed to arrive at the same conclusion as well. “Perhaps I was overthinking it.”

Diana smiled and said nothing. The soft hues of the light filtering in from the window were like the
surface of a lake, emanating a bright and gentle glow.

Desire slowly swirled in Julian’s eyes, and he pressed the button to raise the divider between the
driver’s seat and the backseat.

The air in the space gradually became tense. When the divider reached the roof of the car, Julian and
Diana were completely isolated in the backseat, and the only sound they could hear was their own

“Diana,” Julian called out again. “That’s not the only thing I’ve been overthinking about.”

Diana’s heart skipped a beat as she looked at him in surprise.

Julian leaned in, his arms boxing her in and surrounding her with his overwhelming presence.

“Just now wasn’t enough,” Julian whispered, referring to her fleeting peck from before.

His eyes deepened as he looked at her, and Diana couldn’t help but close her own.

A few moments passed, but the man before her seemed to make no further movements.

Instead, soft laughter reached her ears.

“Diana, what are you doing?”

Confused, Diana opened her eyes to look at Julian.

Julian couldn’t contain his laughter; the few stray strands of hair that fell onto his forehead trembled
with his movements, looking like a gust of wind had blown it.

It created an embarrassing mood between them.

Seeing how Diana had fallen silent, Julian leaned in closer and said playfully, “Did you think I was going
to kiss you?”

His eyes were too bright, shining like stars in the sky. It caused her vision to go slightly out of focus,
and she hesitated to meet his gaze.

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