Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 546

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Seeing Diana’s unusual expression and how she didn’t dare to look straight into Julian’s eyes, he
chuckled softly, as if mocking her embarrassment.

Then, he raised his left hand and placed it on the seat behind her, putting her between him and the

An uncomfortable Diana shifted slightly from his actions, but he pressed in closer.

Meanwhile, his other hand slowly caressed the back of her head.

His hold gradually tightened, and his breath grew closer to her face.

It appeared as if he was about to kiss her.

Although Diana wasn’t at all pleased deep down, she ultimately didn’t resist his actions. She was
submissive, and she ignored his teasing and closed her eyes once again.

When he saw her like this, Julian couldn’t help but laugh.

He placed his fingertips on her lips, and the scent of medicine immediately reached her nose.

She quickly opened her eyes, only to see that he had opened the medicine bottle. He had dipped his
finger into it to apply it on her lips.

“There isn’t much left,” he muttered.

It was why this was the only way Julian could administer the medicine. It was much better than
squeezing the bottle and spraying the remaining powder all over the place.

His thumb brushed her lips slowly, and his smiling features slammed heavily into her vision.

Julian was laughing at her.

He was laughing…because she thought he was going to kiss her.

At this moment, Diana felt deeply humiliated. She couldn’t believe that Julian wasn’t thinking about
taking advantage of her; rather, he was applying medicine to her.

If that was the case, why do all those ambiguous motions?

She glanced at the divider, which seemed to have sealed them in the little space, leaving her no choice
but to shrink further into Julian’s embrace.

There was no intimate contact between them, but it felt overly intimate.

Diana’s breathing slowed down considerably as she regained her composure.

She was afraid of making another mishap like earlier, as if she was too eager for his touch.

Julian seemed to understand her thoughts, but he didn’t move away from her. In fact, he moved closer
until they were nearly nose to nose.

Only his finger on her lips remained like a barrier between them.

He slowly caressed her lips, and the icy cold sensation returned, bringing much relief to Diana’s
cracked skin. Combined with the effect of the medicine, the stinging pain in her lips reduced slightly.

Yet, her breathing felt scorching hot.

Diana couldn’t help but pull back, but Julian tightened his grip and forcefully pressed her face toward

His breath was hot on her face and his presence was overwhelming, leaving her almost suffocated.

She could only see the corner of his eyes from this distance, and it was filled with a hint of emotions.
His eyes seemed to be brimming with passion and a sense of urgency, which disturbed Diana.

His breathing grew less ragged when his fingers finally stopped moving; but then his nose rubbed
against hers, and the gentle touch almost made her shudder.

Both their bodies…

Were familiar with each other.

And yet, they were trying their hardest to restrain themselves.

Julian withdrew his fingers from her lips, and held her hand like he used to in a firm grip.

This time, Diana didn’t try to break free.

God only knew how long he had been waiting for this day to come again.

Julian stared at her intently, almost greedily, as he said hoarsely, “Diana…”

He didn’t even realize how hoarse his voice was until he spoke, and he chuckled when he noticed it.

He was shocked by how much Diana tempted him, but he was willing to drown in her eyes and breath if
he could.

However, Diana was feeling the exact opposite.

She wasn’t willing to develop a relationship with Julian, and she certainly didn’t want to have any
intimate moments with him.

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