Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 544

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A surge of anger suddenly crashed through Julian.

“Come here,’ he ordered coldly, beckoning Diana with a finger as if calling a doll.

His posture was lazy and playful, his inky eyes devoid of any emotion.

“Kiss me,’ Julian commanded.

Diana hesitated, feeling uncomfortable as she licked her lips.

Her lips were injured, and it was clearly the reason Julian was currently angry. He was throwing a
tantrum; he didn’t really want her to kiss him.

But based on Diana’s experience, not going along with him would only make him angrier.

If this incident reached Kayla’s ears, it would make Diana look like a joke.

Diana couldn’t allow that to happen.

She wanted only stories about how “loving” Julian was to her to reach Kayla.

Her eyes watered; grief and embarrassment flashed on her face. However, there was also a touch of
curiosity in her voice as she called out coyly,” Julian…”

It had been a long time since she had addressed him in such a soft and gentle tone. Julian was
momentarily surprised by it, and the majority of his fury dissipated.


There was an alluring property in his tone as he hummed deeply in response to Diana’s tone, and it
calmed her heart.

She looked into his eyes, as if she was trying to engrave her own reflection into the depths of his heart.

She didn’t say anything further and leaned in to peck the corner of his mouth. The sensation was gentle
and fleeting, accompanied by a slight tingling pain.

More than that, it felt sweet, like honey.

And it was enough to comfort Julian.

His gaze softened, and his previous displeasure vanished.

It could be said that Diana’s grasp on his emotions had reached a level of a master.

She secretly breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that the three years she had been with him allowed her
to understand him so thoroughly.

“Julian…” Diana called again softly. “Are we considered to be back together now?”

Julian hadn’t expected her to ask such a question, and he wasn’t sure how to respond.


In Julian’s heart, they had never been truly separated, hence his answer.

However, Diana didn’t see it that way.

Even though she had been prepared for his answer, hearing it still made her bright eyes dim slightly.

“Then, what does it mean now that I’m moving back?” she asked.

“It means you’re coming home,” Julian stated matter-of-factly. “The villa is your home, and you can
return anytime. So naturally, it’s called coming home.”

Julian believed that telling a woman to come home was the sweetest endearment there was.

It was as if he was entrusting everything he had to her.

“Home…” Diana repeated, a mocking and bitter smile tugging lightly at her lips.

Could that place truly be called home?

Her happiness, pain, and memories of betrayal were all tied to that place. The torrent of emotions she
had for that place was far too complicated, and thinking about it made her feel uncomfortable all over.

It was like she had returned to the time when Julian had brought Kayla back to the villa, when the three
of them once lived together under one roof.

However, Julian was unexpectedly comforted by the bitterness in her voice.

“If there’s anything that bothers you, you can always tell me,” he said.

Even if they argued and fought, it was better than seeing Dianan in such a detached state when she
was with him.

He didn’t need or want a puppet.

What he wanted was the once vibrant Diana who had lived with him.

“In that case, I’ll tell you,” Diana said, looking at him, seemingly drowning him in a seductive wave that
rippled in her eyes.

It was unbearable.

Julian swallowed as he struggled to suppress the growing desire in him.

He paused momentarily, trying his best to compose himself before meeting her eyes and saying softly,
“Go on.”

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