Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 541

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After all, James, Lucy, and Kayla had successfully deceived even Julian.

Why would they be afraid of Diana, who was merely a small obstacle?

Whether it was the secret of who truly saved Julian or Kayla marrying Julian, fate would surely be on
their side in the end!

Kayla smiled, and didn’t let Diana’s deliberate provocation bother her. In her heart, she firmly believed
she was the one in full control of the whole situation.

After all…

The two people involved didn’t even know their true feelings for each other!

Just the thought of it brought great satisfaction to Kayla.

So what if they loved each other? So what if they were destined for each other?

Whether fate would work that way for them, Kayla was the one who had the final say.

“Don’t laugh, miss,” the nurse advised as she tried to change Kayla’s bandage several times, though
without success. ’If you laugh, it’ll affect-“

Before she could finish, Kayla raised a hand and slapped her across the face.

“You’re useless!”

Kayla’s eyes were sharp, and they were frighteningly vicious. She was completely unaware of her own
uncooperativeness, and instead blamed the nurse for being incompetent.

The young nurse wanted to cry at the unfairness of the situation, but Kayla yelled, “Call your dean! Tell
him that Julian Fulcher’s woman is dissatisfied with your hospital!”

James straightened his back a little after hearing that. Despite everything…

He knew things had yet to set in stone.

After what had happened yesterday, he was now more cautious than ever.

As such, he quickly comforted Kayla, “This isn’t a big deal, Kayla. Why don’t we just call the head
nurse? There’s no need to alarm the hospital dean for such a small thing. After all, I’m sure Julian will
be upset to hear about his future wife’s treatment.”

It was obvious that the style of address pleased Kayla.

The way James said it made it seem as if she had already truly become Julian’s wife.

Now in a good mood, she said in what she thought was a generous tone,” Well, I suppose that’s true. If
we call the dean and Julian finds out, he’ll definitely be upset.”

After all, Kayla’s face resembled Diana’s so much.

Julian may not judge someone by appearance, but it was obvious he had a preference.

The young nurse was stunned by Kayla’s words. When she left and returned later, all the other nurses
outside would know by then that Julian’s woman was in this ward, and that the man whom every
woman in Richburgh dreamed of was devoted to a horribly disfigured woman.

There was a hint of romanticism in the story, and it was quickly spread through the gossip-filled halls.

By the time it reached Diana’s ears, two days had passed.

At that moment, she was packing her things and preparing to move back to the villa.

Julian was the one who proposed the idea. He said he wanted to wake up every day to her face, and
that he hoped he could continue making breakfast for her every morning.

Diana hadn’t said anything in reply and simply nodded, and had received a passionate kiss from him in

However, she didn’t know who exactly Julian was kissing.

But today, upon hearing the gossip from the hospital, Diana confirmed once again that the person he
wanted to kiss wasn’t her; rather, it was the disfigured Kayla currently lying in the ward.

A wave of nausea swept through Diana at that instant, and she stood up hurriedly from where she was
packing. She rushed to the bathroom and threw up in the darkness.

When she exited the bathroom, her lips were severely cracked once more.

She had scrubbed them repeatedly again.

Every time Julian kissed her, her disgust for him only grew.

“Why isn’t your wound healing?” Julian asked worriedly; he had rushed all the way from his company
just to pick her up. His fingers brushed the side of Diana’s lips as soon as she slipped into the car.

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