Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 542

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Diana’s skin burned when Julian’s fingertips brushed past, and a chill ran through her lips.

For some reason, she could feel a contradictory sensation of hot and cold in his touch; it was just like
her suppressed love and hate for him.

At some point, she couldn’t distinguish between the two feelings anymore. She felt like she was
trapped in hell, unsure of which direction that could lead her to an escape.

At the same time, she didn’t want to escape.

She still had things to do and people to get revenge on.

Julian’s attention was entirely on her lips. The cracked spots punched holes in his heart, and just
looking at them gave him terrible pain and discomfort.

“It keeps coming back,” Diana replied easily. “I’ve applied medication to it. Don’t worry.”

Diana understood his unspoken rules.

She couldn’t let her face be damaged in any way; to Julian, even her body belonged to Kayla.

She would forever be an accessory to Kayla, hence, didn’t even have the right to be injured.

She had to maintain a flawless appearance at all times to give Julian the illusion that Kayla was doing

On the other hand, how could Julian not worry?

He immediately contacted Vans and instructed the latter to see the hospital’s dean to prescribe
medication for Diana once more.

Vans, who dealt with difficult cases every day, sighed helplessly at Julian’s words.

“It’s probably just a mouth ulcer. Do you have to be so worried? Even if you like her, you should
exercise some restraint, you know? Excessive concern can be annoying after a while.”

Julian was taken aback by that information.

So, excessive worry could also annoy a person?

And yet, hadn’t he already restrained himself a lot? Julian wanted nothing more than to tie Diana to his
side and never let her leave his sight. He wanted to carry her in his pocket and always have her with

And if she wanted to go anywhere, she would have to kiss him as payment for a request.

See if she dared mention divorce again with that!

“I already exercised a lot of restraint,” Julian muttered.

Fearing his words may give rise to certain thoughts, he tilted his head to check on Diana. Seeing that
she hadn’t noticed his words, he immediately turned away and said to Vans in a tone of utmost
seriousness, “Hurry up or I’ll call the dean myself!”

“Please don’t,” Vans replied tiredly. “It’s not that he wouldn’t help, but your woman’s being a little

Julian frowned. “What woman?”

“The dean has canceled all his appointments these past few days. He’s currently with your other
woman, busy changing her dressing.”

“Kayla?” Julian was confused; he couldn’t help but glance at Diana again. After confirming that she still
was unaware of his conversation, he lowered his voice and covered his mouth with his hands. “Who
said she’s my

woman? I only have one woman, and you know perfectly well who that is!”

Diana initially wasn’t paying attention to Julian’s conversation, but when she heard those words, she
couldn’t help but feel slightly suffocated.

She thought her heart and feelings for Julian had long died, but apparently, he could still hurt her

Was he avoiding her this way to please Kayla? Was he telling her that Kayla was the only woman in his


Diana lowered the car’s visor mirror and aimed it at herself before firmly pulling off the cracked skin on
her lips.

The harsh treatment caused blood to flow immediately, and the pain on her lips alleviated the pain in
her heart slightly.

Diana clenched her fist tightly and took a long, deep breath, and finally felt much better.

Julian was currently fully focused on the conversation on the phone, so he didn’t notice Diana’s actions.

He listened intently as Vans teased him, “I used to know, but I’m not so sure now. After all, Kayla’s your
woman. The need for giving her special treatment has already spread through the entire hospital. I
even told Nina about it already.”

“Vans!” Julian growled angrily.

Even over the phone, Vans could feel the drop in temperature in the air. He no longer dared to tease
Julain and quickly amended his words. “I was just kidding.”

With a shrug, he continued, “As for Nina, she heard about it herself and came to the hospital to confirm
it with me.”

But Nina hadn’t told Diana, presumably because she feared it would hurt Diana.

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