Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 539

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Why was Kayla suddenly discharged today?

Distress struck James’s heart, and he said hurriedly, “Quick! Let her in right away! She’s in her own
family’s company! Why the need for such formalities?”

The more James thought about it, the more distressed he grew. With that, he turned around and
personally went out to welcome her.

However, it wasn’t Kayla who was waiting outside for him.

Rather, it was Diana.

His expression turned cold immediately, and the distress he felt melted away.

Seeing the injury on his forehead, Diana couldn’t help but smile. “Hello, Mr. Winnington.”

She didn’t even address him as “Father” anymore.

What an unruly daughter!

Fortunately, he had cut his losses in time and put himself back on Kayla’s side. Otherwise, he didn’t
know how miserable his life or death would be at the hands of this rebellious girl standing before him!

Diana could tell from his expression that she wasn’t at all welcome. She didn’t expect to be welcomed
and her visit today was not for catching up, so it didn’t bother her.

Before James could speak, Diana handed him a promotional flier. “Do you know about the recent
events in the fashion industry?”

It was clear that Diana had ulterior motives for being here, but she was trying to appear innocent while
hiding her true intentions.

James snatched the flier roughly and threw it into the trash bin without even sparing it a single glance.

“Get lost!”

There was no more room for mercy. Not for this girl before him!

Diana couldn’t help but laugh at his ludicrous behavior.

“Weren’t you just begging for my forgiveness yesterday? Hmm… Turns out your begging is as cheap
as how you are as a person, right?”

Employees were coming and going nearby, and Diana didn’t bother mincing her words. She didn’t care
how it would make James look in their eyes.

Furious, James pushed Diana away forcefully.

“Get out of here! Didn’t you hear me?!”

This man… He had features so similar to hers.

So, her resemblance to Kayla actually came from him.

The same blood flowed in Diana’s veins as James, but he was always so impatient with her; not to
mention, completely heartless.

Diana grabbed the doorknob to prevent herself from falling and sneered,” Back then, when I was three
years old and you intentionally lost me, were you also thinking about how far I should get lost?”

James was practically driven to the wall from how much she was annoying him.

“What’s the point of bringing up old grudges?”

He dismissed the surrounding employees and glared daggers at Diana. His eyes were wide, and his
eyeballs looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets at any moment.

In a tone of deep-seated disgust, he spat, “I shouldn’t have called you after digging up the grave!
You’re a heartless creature!”

If it were Kayla, she would surely forgive him.

No matter what he did, Kayla would never turn against him in such a way.

Thinking about it, regret struck James.

“You’re just like those little b*stards! You deserve to die! Losing you back then was simply my kindness
to you!”

Hearing these words from her biological father was indeed an extraordinary feeling. It was akin to
tasting a spicy fruit that was bitter upon entry, only to burn mercilessly upon reaching the throat.

Diana was filled with discomfort, so much that she was at a loss for words.

It hurt, but she came here today precisely to experience this pain.

This was the only way she could firmly continue down the path of dealing with the Winningtons; it was
the only way she could keep herself alert and spare no mercy towards any of them.

Most importantly, so that she wouldn’t stop seeking revenge against Kayla just because of their blood

Alas, the Winningtons were even more shameless than she could have imagined!

She stood at the doorway, allowing James to unleash his insulting remarks as if he could never finish
expressing his dissatisfaction whenever he encountered Diana.

“You will never compare to Kayla!”

In the end, he concluded his rant with this despicable statement.

“Not being able to compare to her is a good thing,” Diana retorted disdainfully.

She refused to compare herself to that kind of person.

James listened to her calm tone and looked up at his daughter, who had grown up in the countryside.

Her indifferent eyes seemed to be hiding something, emitting a dizzyingly bright light. Whenever she
looked at him, guilt would surge in him.

Still, what on earth did he have to feel guilty about?

He and Kate were her parents, and they had given Diana life.

From this alone, Diana should shower him with unconditional respect and be forever grateful to him for
the rest of her life!

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