Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 538

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It wasn’t because Diana had saved Julian when he was a child that he spared her, but because her
face was similar to Kayla’s.

However, she didn’t explain this to Oliver.

In a moment of recklessness the last time she had seen Oliver, she had suggested being together with

Fortunately, he had turned her down. If he hadn’t, she would definitely be more at a loss on how to face
him right now.

Diana twirled her fingers together and said, “About the incident this time… Thank you.”

He had always silently stayed by her side, helping her with everything he could.

And yet, she couldn’t give him anything in return.

Including her feelings…

Oliver sensed her unease. She had something on her mind in the past few days, so she had somewhat
neglected their friendship.

Today, however, she looked so much calmer.

Oliver was relieved to see this, and said jokingly, “Is that how you show gratitude nowadays? Just by
saying thanks?”

“What else?’

Diana suddenly became interested. It would be even better if Oliver wanted something.

“The usual rule,” Oliver replied. ’Treat me to a meal.”

“…Aren’t you tired of eating with me?”

Every time he helped her, she had to treat him to a meal.

It seemed Oliver would never learn how to trouble others.

She looked at his gentle expression, and shoved down her encounter with Simon last night deep to the
bottom of her heart.

Julian could deal with that troublesome and weird guy. She shouldn’t make Oliver feel uncomfortable.

“I might be a little tired of it,” Oliver admitted sheepishly, smiling.

His smile was gentle like a sunflower in spring, radiating gentle sunshine upon the entire world.

It was a stark contrast to Simon’s unsettling maliciousness.

They didn’t seem like biological brothers at all.

Oddly enough…

Sometimes, the feeling Simon gave Diana reminded her more of Julian.

But how was that possible?

Julian was the only child in his family. He couldn’t possibly have such a younger brother.

Oliver thought for a moment before suggesting, “How about this? It’s been raining a lot this autumn,
and I often forget to bring an umbrella while working at the hospital. Can you bring me an umbrella the

next time it rains?”

This was the first time Oliver requested something from Diana so earnestly.

“As long as you bring me that umbrella, it’ll be your sincere thank you,” he said.

“Okay!” Diana readily agreed. “But if you have any other requests, I can fulfill them too.”

She wanted to do more for Oliver.

“Let’s not go overboard,’ Oliver gently chastised her.

Deep down, he didn’t want Diana to distance herself too much from him.

Diana paused and quickly realized what she had implied.

“I’m sorry.”

It was another habitual apology.

It seemed like “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” were the only things she had for Oliver.

Oliver smiled wryly. “You haven’t done anything wrong.”

What was wrong was his own late appearance in her life compared to Julian.

After exchanging pleasantries for a while, Oliver left her studio. Diana didn’t stay there either, but went
to Winnington Inc. instead.

She had already figured out the ins and outs of the Winnington family’s clothing industry. Now, it was
time to visit in person and plan the next steps.

James valued the fashion sector because it was a project he independently handled within the family. It
was also the opportunity that impressed the family’s head, as suggested by Kayla.

As such, James couldn’t afford to miss this chance.

It was why James hadn’t gone home after his visit to Kayla’s. Instead, he went straight to the company
to oversee the designs and production.

“Mr. Winnington, there’s someone here to see you,” his secretary informed him.

James didn’t think much of it. “Who is it?”

The secretary hesitated for a moment. “It seems to be…Miss Kayla.”


James was shocked. When he saw her at the hospital yesterday, she was in poor condition.

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