Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 537

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Diana chuckled.

She laughed because she knew Julian already knew the answer, yet he still asked the question on
purpose and feigned ignorance.

“It’s nothing.’

Since he wanted to keep up the act, she would play along.

“I suddenly thought about it, and wanted to see if you were still clean.”

Julian was instantly pleased. His exquisitely sculpted features looked as though they had been bathed
in the spring rain, emanating a refreshing and pleasant aura.

“You care about that.’

“I do.”

And yet, what difference did it make if she cared? Julian would eventually be with his fiancee.

Diana had a smile on her face, but she was fully aware of the deep pain that continued to sting her

“Do you care?” she suddenly retorted.

Julian seemed taken aback. “About what?”

“Do you care if I’m clean or not?”

“I don’t,” Julian said quickly, shaking his head.

If she wasn’t, he might just kill that man outright. After all, Diana would be his as long as the man was

In the midst of this ordinary questioning, he suddenly realized that love had already taken root within

He was far from as generous as he had thought.

Should he be grateful that nothing had happened after he handed Oliver to Diana?

Otherwise, there might have been bloodshed by now.

He had severely overestimated his own benevolence.

His response wasn’t much different from what she had expected.

Julian didn’t care much about her. All he cared about was the resemblance between her and Kayla’s

Now that Kayla was disfigured, Julian sought to remember the perfect appearance Kayla had through

Despair washed over her, and Diana didn’t want to stay in front of him any longer. She turned and went
upstairs without another word.

To Julian, however, the situation they were in felt just like before when they hadn’t separated.

He desperately yearned to return to that state.

As for their marriage…

Naturally, Julian had to make an effort to marry Diana once again if she was willing.

He watched her retreating figure, and almost asked her if she wanted to move back in.

This was also the first step he discussed with Noel.

After all, it was better to be close to the water’s edge to catch the moon.

Now, not only did Oliver have his eyes on Diana, but there was also the legendary illegitimate son,

Julian didn’t feel comfortable leaving Diana to fend for herself outside.

That said, he continued to watch her figure as it slowly disappeared. Even until she disappeared, he
couldn’t get the words out of his mouth to ask her to move back in.

The following day, Diana left the villa early.

When she arrived at the studio, an employee looked at her in surprise, pointing at her lips. “What
happened to your lips? They’re all torn.”

Diana was momentarily stunned before replying, “I got a sore.”

It was because she had cleaned her lips too many times after returning to her room last night, which
resulted in the skin being torn.

Fortunately, even though her lips were in terrible shape, at least Julian’s scent was gone.

“That looks like it really hurts.” Diana’s employee couldn’t bear to see it, and brought her a bottle of
watermelon ointment. “Here, spray some on.”

Diana thanked the employee and took the medicine to her office.

When she sprayed the medicine on her lips, it tasted bitter.

Bitter, just like the sensation Julian had left her.

Bitter and lingering.

Wounds would heal eventually, but her babies would never come back.

At this thought, determination flashed in Diana’s eyes.


She would obtain him, even if it meant being with him as a substitute for Kayla.

She would make Kayla experience the pain of losing everything!

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