Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 533

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The chill running up Diana’s spine when Simon approached her also crept back up on her.

“I didn’t lie to you,’ Diana said, then turned around and walked towards the villa.

It seemed all the security guards here had been replaced. When she looked up, she saw unfamiliar
faces. She thought she might not be able to get in, but to her surprise, they immediately opened the
iron gate as soon as they saw her face.

“You’re back, ma’am.’

The title they addressed her with made her feel like she had traveled into another world.

“I’m not…”

“The master made special mention of it tonight,” the security guard cut in, seemingly guessing what she
would say as he glanced at her white dress.

He smiled and said, ’If a beautiful woman wearing a white dress comes, she must be the mistress of
the Fulcher family.”

The security guard hadn’t addressed her mistakenly.

But… Diana wasn’t the one who was supposed to be wearing a white dress and waltzing in like this.

It should be Kayla.

Diana forced down the bitterness in her heart, and reminded herself not to care about such insignificant

Since she had decided to start seeing Julian again and he hadn’t pursued the matter of her disfiguring
Kayla, she should prepare herself and be aware of what it meant to be a substitute.

She should learn to accept that heart-wrenching feeling at all times.

Facing the security guard, however, she couldn’t force a smile no matter what.

It wasn’t until she heard the sound of the car door opening behind her and the suffocating sensation of
being chased by a hungry wolf that her nervousness returned.

“Let me in,” she said to the security guard, ’I want to see Julian.”

Of course, the security guard didn’t delay any longer and quickly made way for her. He also turned on
the lights along the path for Diana.

“Ma’am, would you like us to arrange a car to take you in?”

If she walked in, it would probably take about three to four minutes.

“That won’t be necessary.”

Actually, she didn’t really want to see Julian. The situation today had forced her into the predicament
she was in right now.

Simon was still watching her from behind, his eyes filled with unwillingnessjealousy, and hatred. He
held the folding fan; if one ignored his sinister aura, his appearance was on par with Oliver’s or even

It was a pity that his sinister aura was too overwhelming, making it difficult for anyone to focus on his
physical appearance.

Diana walked and pondered when exactly she had offended Simon. She also wondered whether she
should tell Oliver about tonight’s events.

As for Julian…

The moment she entered the gates, someone would have inevitably informed him of her arrival.

What should she say when they meet?

It was late now, and others would easily misunderstand her purpose for coming here.

Simon didn’t care about what she was thinking. He was someone who followed his own whims and
never held himself back.

His mood suddenly improved when he saw her walking cautiously like a deer afraid of a predator and
deliberately avoiding his eyes.

“Diana,” he called out. ‘Don’t forget to tell Julian I brought you back.”

This lunatic…

Was it possible that he wanted something from Julian? In Richburgh, using Julian’s name to get
something seemed like the most logical thing to do.

When Diana realized this fact, she was frustrated. On the surface, she refused to show such emotion
and simply replied, “Sure.”

“Good girl.”

When Simon said those words, a shiver went down Diana’s spine.

The tone…sounded so much like Julian.

However, he was clearly Simon, Oliver’s brother.

It was likely because Diana had been frightened out of her wits by him and was overthinking it. She
continued to walk forward without looking back, resolutely heading toward the grand hall of the villa.

Simon kept his eyes on her until her figure disappeared completely into the villa.

Only then did he return to the car, collapsed in the backseat, and burst out laughing like a maniac.

He laughed and laughed, and only managed to stop until tears streamed down his face.

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