Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 535

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As their eyes met, neither of them said a word. However, they gradually closed the distance between

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Julian asked hoarsely as he stared at the woman in front of him.

Diana was dressed in a nightgown, and he felt an intense dryness in his throat as he continued to study
her alluring appearance.

She lowered her gaze, hiding all her emotions beneath her eyes.

“Why don’t you take a guess?” Diana replied.

In an instant, everything went dark.

By the time Diana reacted, Julian had already trapped her in his embrace. His inky eyes seemed to
have a fire in them, and even his breath was scorching hot.

Diana turned her head awkwardly.

Seeing her reaction, Julian instantly acted like a child who had done something wrong, releasing her in
a panic.

He even took off his suit and covered her with it.

“I can’t guess,” he admitted.

The once arrogant Julian now voluntarily admitted something he couldn’t do before her.

He had always guessed her thoughts wrong.

And now, he didn’t want to guess anymore.

“Tell me in your own words,” he said as he struggled to control himself, refusing to look at her. ‘What
are you thinking right now?”

Diana suddenly wanted to meet him. Then there was her sudden appearance in the villa, and how she
was dressed in such a thin nightgown…

Julian was sure this was definitely not a coincidence.

“The lampposts,” Diana suddenly said.

Julian’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, and a hint of surprise flickered in his eyes.

He knew it. He knew she would understand!

“Did you guess that it was me?” he asked.

“I’ve walked on that road near the studio at least ten times. The lampposts are there for aesthetic
reasons, and they never were as bright. Besides… That area is upscale. It was two in the morning. It
was impossible to hail a cab so quickly.’

Yet, she managed to call a cab within a minute.

She would be an idiot not to realize that someone was pulling the strings behind the scenes.

“And so?” Every cell in his body seemed to be screaming, and delight appeared in his eyes as he
looked at Diana standing before him. “Is this the reason you came here tonight?”

Was he saying that he thought she was here to repay him with her body?


Julian’s words were as poisonous as ever.

She took a deep breath, and suddenly felt grateful for Simon’s presence.

“No,” she replied.

Her fingertips dug harshly into her palm. “You’re overthinking. Simon forced me to come here.”

Simon wasn’t a good person. She didn’t need to portray him positively in front of Julian, or say he
brought her here according to Simon’s wishes.

“Simon?” Julian repeated the name, and he seemed unfamiliar with it.” From the Channing family?”

He only had an impression of Oliver, as the latter was the man whom Julian once considered a rival
and who almost stole his woman. He didn’t pay much attention to anyone else.

Diana nodded. “Oliver’s younger brother.”

In an instant, there was an overwhelming air around Julian, as if a thundering army was gathering

“He forced you?” Julian asked, with a hint of steel underneath his tone.

Diana nodded without hesitation. “Yes.”

It would be best if Julian could teach Simon a lesson. She really didn’t want to see that psycho again.

The next moment, Julian sharply stood up and once again examined Diana carefully. Finally, his gaze
focused on her jaw.

There were two finger marks still visible there.

He hadn’t dared look closely at her before, but now that he stared, he could see it clearly.

Diana could feel Julian’s anger. In fact, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Simon’s life might be in
danger if she didn’t do something.

After all, he was Oliver’s younger brother, and Diana didn’t want to cause too much trouble.

However, Julian was already furious.

Diana considered her options, then gently pushed his suit, causing it to slide down her smooth skin and
fall completely to the ground.

“Dont be angry,” she said softly, just like she used to when she coquettishly teased him in the past. She
even placed her pinky finger on his chest.

Then, she tugged slightly.

Her fingers grazed his clothes as if they were transmitting the touch of her hands to his heart, gently
reaching the depths of his soul.

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