Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 536

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Julian’s eyes darkened further until it was terrifying to look at, and even his breathing grew heavy.

Like punishment and revenge at the same time, he placed his fingers on the marks on her chin,
covering the traces of another man with great jealousy.

Displeasure flashed in his eyes.

“Diana, you shouldn’t provoke me.”

Initially, he planned to handle their interaction with caution and slow, gradual progression. Yet every
single one of her actions carried a deadly allure, almost causing the blood in his body to flow backward

Despite that, he still had to make an effort to restrain himself.

He gripped her jaw as he gently bit her earlobe, his voice restrained. It sounded like a warning and a
reminder, resonating like the danger of a deep well.

“Oliver said you don’t like him, and you’re not together with him.”

“That’s the truth.”

“So now, you want to be with his brother?”

Diana almost burst out laughing. “You have quite an imagination.”

She didn’t want anything to do with that psycho, so how could she possibly have such thoughts?

Julian’s heart finally settled at her answer. ’That’s good.”

At first, only his fingers were on her face. They gradually turned into his entire hand as he cradled her
face greedily.

“Good girl.”

It was that tone again.

Simon had used the same tone and words when he watched Diana entering the villa.

“Do you really…” she paused, “not know Simon?”

“I don’t know him.”

Julian seemed extremely displeased whenever she kept mentioning another man.

His palm soon covered her face completely. As if seeking revenge, he leaned down and kissed her

There were several moments when Diana wanted to push him away. Thinking about it, however,
coming here and becoming Kayla’s substitute was her own choice. Thus, her resistance soon turned
into acceptance.

Julian seemed to have tasted sweetness.

He kept advancing, and the warmth of his hand on her face grew hotter.


A whisper.

Diana’s heart trembled at the sound.

There was a time when he loved calling her in such a way. She used to think it was similar to Nina’s
affection for her, but in reality… It was simply evidence of his longing for Kayla within her.

Her heart twitched in pain. She appeared to be taking everything in stride as if nothing was amiss, but
deep down… Only she knew that another scar had been added to her heart.

Even till this day, he refused to call her name out loud and with clarity. It weighed heavily on her mood,
and she closed her eyes sorrowfully.

Clenching her teeth, she called out, “Julian.”

With just those words, Julian sensed that something was off in her. He felt as if someone had poured a
bucket of cold water over his head. He quickly regained his composure, and looked at her with a clear

“I’m sorry.”

It was his fault for losing his composure.

He had already decided not to rush things, and couldn’t afford to scare her away. But just now… He
couldn’t help feeling uneasy when she kept mentioning Oliver and Simon.

Was this possessiveness?

He had never felt a single ounce of possessiveness towards Kayla.

Julian chuckled softly once again, mocking his own foolishness when it came to matters of the heart.

“You should return to the room,” Julian said as he avoided looking at her expression, ignoring the
slightly swollen color of her lips on purpose.

Diana nodded. “What about you?’

“I won’t go up. I’m still staying in the guest room,” he replied, gesturing towards it.

This caught Diana by surprise. “You haven’t shared a room with Kayla yet?”

How did the topic suddenly turn to Kayla?

Julian’s expression turned cold and his sharp gaze was akin to a hawk’s, as if he wanted to see
through every pore of Diana’s being.

Uneasy, Diana turned her head and avoided eye contact with him.

Yet, Julian didn’t plan on letting this topic slide. “Why did you suddenly mention Kayla?”

He cared a lot about their relationship and wanted to handle it well, but he also didn’t want Diana to feel
uncomfortable because of Kayla.

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