Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 534

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The night was silent.

The only light in the villa that was still on was the bedroom light.

Diana turned around and saw that Simon had already driven away, so she planned to return the same
way she came from.

However, a servant noticed her and quickly greeted her. “Ma’am.’

It was truly strange.

Everyone she encountered was a stranger; yet without exception, they all referred to her as “ma’am” as
if she had never divorced Julian.

But with just a little more reasoning in her mind, it became clear that she wasn’t the one they were
actually referring to. However, Diana couldn’t be bothered to explain to them that she wasn’t Kayla or
Julian’s fiancee.

She simply responded calmly, ’Yes.’

Upon hearing this, the servant’s eyes instantly lit up. He hurriedly bowed and gestured to Diana,
saying, “Please head upstairs, ma’am. The master has been waiting for you.”

Did Julian know she would come?

Had he tacitly accepted her as Kayla’s replacement, allowing her to reappear by his side?

Perhaps this was why she wasn’t held accountable for ruining Kayla’s appearance.

Julian… Perhaps he saw not pursuing the matter of Kayla’s disfigurement as a deal between him and

After all, he loved Kayla so much. He probably couldn’t accept that she had been disfigured, and might
be using Diana as a way to see Kayla in her perfect appearance once more.

The thought brought forth a great sense of humiliation over Diana, and her breathing grew ragged.
Even the smile on her face turned bitter instantly.

A substitute…

She silently repeated the word several times, feeling like her mouth and heart were being squeezed
tightly. The suffocating sensation from before returned with great vengeance.

But this time, being Kayla’s substitute was a path she had chosen herself. She slowly turned around
and headed upstairs as the servant led the way.

Being a substitute was something she had once despised, yet here she was now, actively trying to be

She was like a guest, walking through this villa that Julian had designed with his own hands. It was
both unfamiliar and familiar at the same time.

She was just a few steps away from the bedroom when she pressed her lips tightly into a straight line
and turned to the servant, ‘Thank you. You may leave now.’

In the blink of an eye, the hallway was empty, leaving only Diana standing there. The bedroom door
remained closed, as if waiting for her to enter.

This used to be a place where she slept peacefully every night, but somehow…

Tonight, it felt unfamiliar.

Finally, she pushed open the door. Strangely, there was no one in the room.

The servant told her Julian was waiting for her, but where was he?

Diana sat on the edge of the bed, feeling uneasy.

“Julian?” she called out.

But there was no response.

Diana hadn’t completed her revenge for her babies. The punishment Kayla received now was far from
enough. In order to punish Kayla, Diana had to start with the man she cared about most-Julian.

Kayla had drugged her and desecrated the graves of her babies on purpose, even going as far as to
scatter their ashes. Returning this hatred a hundredfold had become Diana’s only goal to keep living.

Disfigurement was only the beginning.

She walked around the room, but there was no sign of Julian.

What would Kayla do in this situation?

Diana thought for a moment, and decided to head downstairs to find him. Before leaving, she opened
the wardrobe and changed her clothes.

Julian was downstairs; he had come down while Diana was going upstairs. Her attitude towards him
had just begun to improve, so he didn’t know why she suddenly came to the villa.

Although Julian was excited, he thought about it and decided that a gradual approach would be better.

Thus, he intentionally avoided Diana and let her go to the room on her own with the hopes of giving
each other some buffer space.

However, he didn’t expect that she not only went downstairs, but also appeared right in front of him.

She even…

Julian looked up, and carefully examined Diana from head to toe. The curiosity in his eyes gradually
turned into burning desire; under the lights, his dark, inky eyes were utterly captivating.

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