Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 532

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In Diana’s mind, alarm bells were going off like crazy.

She once again raised the paper bag in her hand and threw it wildly at Simon.

However, her blows were like raindrops. They were consistent, but not painful.

Simon rubbed his chin, tilting his head slightly to the side as he stared at her. A faint smile still tugged
on his lips, and there was a touch of an indecipherable emotion in it.

His eyes were swirling with a mix of emotions as he said, ‘You’re the first woman who dares to hit me a
second time.”

Instantly, he firmly gripped her chin. “So, tell me. Will you tell my brother that I’ve taken a liking to you?
That I’m out to steal you from him?”

“Get off me!’

There was a distinct pain in Diana’s chin, and her face was red from anger.

Despite how tightly Simon restrained her, she shoved hard at him.

“Let me go…!’

However, that did nothing but make Simon tighten his grip even more.

For a moment, Diana thought she was going to suffocate.

She was certain this man was only joking about being interested in her. He was definitely not a good
person. And the more she mentioned Oliver, the more riled up he got.

With a sudden realization, she quickly said, ‘Julian! I want to see Julian! Let go of me!”

“Julian…” Diana heard Simon mutter, and then he chuckled softly. “You want to see Julian instead of

Diana shook her head. “I won’t see Oliver. And I won’t tell him about this, either.”

She didn’t want to trigger this crazy man’s rebellious mindset again.

“Alright. I’ll take you there,” Simon said with a smile, as if satisfied with her answer.

Yet, there was a sinister darkness in his eyes that Diana couldn’t see.

Right now, all she wanted was to escape this dangerous man. She was desperate to the point that
compared to this man, Julian no longer seemed annoying to her.

The car sped away.

Both in his driving and personality, Simon exuded an indescribable sinister aura, as if he had
abandoned all regard for life.

The speed at which he drove was terrifying.

Diana gripped the handle inside the car tightly. When she got out, her legs were weak.

“We’re here,” Simon said bluntly as he pushed her out, his gaze already shifting towards the villa.
“Julian’s home. You wanted to see him, right? And this is the right place?”

They were both part of the same circle, so it didn’t seem strange that he knew Julian’s address.

Diana didn’t think too much about it and replied, “Yes. This is the right place.’

However, she had no intention of going inside. She simply wanted to use Julian’s name to get Simon to
back off.

Unexpectedly, Simon stared at her intently and asked, “Why aren’t you heading in?”

He suddenly snapped open the folding fan in his hand, making a sharp sound that was particularly
piercing in the dark of the night.

The lights in the villa were still on. Judging by the room it came from, it was probably the master
bedroom that she and Julian used to occupy.

If she went in now, she probably wouldn’t be kicked out.

But… What would be her reason for going in?

Even if she wanted to become a substitute for Kayla, she didn’t expect to assume that role so quickly.

Diana needed some time to find a balance in her interactions with Julian, instead of being forced by
Simon to hurry and act as if she were on stage.

Displeasure bloomed in Simon’s eyes when he saw her still standing at the entrance. “Did you lie to

When he snapped the fan in his hand open and close agitatedly, it felt like he was trying to pull
someone’s heart out according to the rhythm. Each time it opened and closed, it made one’s heart

This man was truly more dangerous than Luke.

At least with Luke, his motives were clear. However, Simon’s actions and words were unpredictable.

Diana considered her situation. Confronting Simon like this wasn’t a solution, and it was best if she
could put more distance between them for now.

“I hate being lied to,” Simon said as he closed his folding fan.

His slender fingers twitched slightly, as if he would grab her chin again and cut off her breathing

That feeling of suffocation returned.

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