Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 531

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This man was undoubtedly dangerous.

Diana couldn’t help but shift further away from him.

“Feigning weakness to lure the enemy,” Simon muttered in a righteous yet wicked manner. “Many
women love using this tactic, but it doesn’t work on me.”

Diana was speechless. Her previous judgment about this man had been completely wrong.

He wasn’t just a crazed man. He was an extremely narcissistic maniac!

She was stunned by his behavior, and the only thing she could say was his name. “Mr. Channing.”

Even though Oliver and Simon had the same surname, the difference between them was vast.

A playful look flashed in Simon’s eyes. “We’ve only met once, but you’ve already memorized my

All in all, he concluded that Diana was interested in him.

“It seems I have far greater charm than Oliver, no?”

He looked at her as if she were a doll, with a disrespectful leer that made Diana very uncomfortable.

She almost shifted to the edge of the seat, but she couldn’t escape the dangerous aura emanating from
this man.

However, she also noticed something.

The more she tried to escape and showed signs of retreat, the more evident the teasing look in this
man’s eyes became.

She had no choice but to straighten her back, pretend she wasn’t afraid of anything, and avoid thinking
about the trauma left by that scumbag Luke.” What charm?”

Simon chuckled, using the folding fan to lift her chin, his face inching closer to Diana’s.

This move was too much!

She took on a defensive stance out of fear, and slammed her handbag right into him.

“Don’t come any closer!”

Simon felt the blow thoroughly, and saw stars for a moment. He pressed his tongue to his cheeks
inside his mouth, and the sinister feeling from him grew even stronger.

“You’re the first woman who has the guts to strike me like this.”

His gaze was icy. It differed from Julian’s chilling gaze, as his eyes leaned towards a more cunning and
sinister coldness.

It was an intense gaze that sent shivers down the spine of any unfortunate recipient. It was so severe
that no matter how good-looking his face was, people would overlook his handsomeness and instead
focus on self preservation.

And right now, Diana was now desperately trying to protect herself by any means necessary.

She forced herself to stay calm, gripping her handbag tightly until her fingernails turned blue.

Then, she gathered the courage to speak up.

“I want to get out of the car.”

“Get out?” Simon quickly stretched his leg to block the space between Diana and the car door.

He glanced at her and sneered, “Do you think I’m an amusement park where you can come and go as
you please?”

Diana wasn’t stupid. She no longer had naive thoughts, and immediately understood what was going

Simon was up to no good.

Even if she hadn’t gotten in the wrong car, she was certain she would still be forced into his car today.

She simply couldnt fathom exactly what this man was up to.

After thinking for a bit, she said, “I’ll tell your brother.”

Simon reacted to her words as if he had heard an amusing joke.

His tense face suddenly broke into a smile. With that smile, the coldness dissipated, and he finally
exuded a bit of charm.

Diana couldn’t help but relax a little.

It was only then, belatedly, that she realized her tone just now sounded exactly like students who used
to snitch to their teachers…

Feeling a little embarrassed, her eyes glistened as if they were moist, giving off a sparkling and
captivating allure.

“What a fascinating woman,” Simon commented.

Diana frowned. “I really will tell your brother.”

Oliver did say that if Simon caused her any trouble, she should let him know.

This shouldn’t be considered tattling.

It was more like taking precautions.

However, she didn’t expect the man before her to become even more excited when she repeated her

“What will you tell him?” Simon asked eagerly, leaning closer to her again, his tone taking on an
ambiguous quality.

If it weren’t for those sinister eyes…

If it weren’t for Diana having already encountered someone like Julian, she couldn’t guarantee she
wouldn’t lose her composure under the man’s extreme audacity.

He leaned closer and closer to Diana, his playful intentions evident in his eyes.

Then, he chuckled. “Are you going to tell him I’ve taken a liking to you?”

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