Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 528

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It was a really distressing thought.

The moment Diana mentioned Kayla’s disfigurement, Julian’s expression darkened significantly, and
warning bells rang in her mind.

“Mr. Fulcher.” She calmly finished her soup, then mustered the courage to look at the man before her
and continued, ’Since you don’t intend to pursue the violence I inflicted on your fiancee, why are you

Finally, she got to the point.

Julian seemed like a child who had just received candy, and heaved a sigh of relief in secret. He
quickly took out the medicine he had prepared.

“Here, this is for you. Take this as scheduled.”

Diana picked it up and glanced at it.

They were all calming and nourishing medicines, but they weren’t drugs that were commonly seen.
They seemed more like specially supplied medicine for VIPs in hospitals. It wasn’t surprising that Julian
could get hold of these medicines.

What was surprising was why he was giving them to her.

“Kayla needs your care more than I do now,” Diana said, anxiously biting her lip. “Why would you come
here personally to deliver these to me?”

“You’re Kayla’s older sister.” Julian could only make up something on the spot, unable to find a better
excuse. “And my ex-wife.”

Asking him to tell Diana that he knew she didn’t like Oliver and wanted to pursue her again suddenly…
It was impossible.

His usually icy face turned slightly red, looking like tomatoes, leaving him visibly flustered.

Seeing him being so humbled for the first time, Diana couldn’t help but find it amusing. She lightly
rubbed the edges of the medicine box Julian had given her, as if hoping to make the corners of the box
as sharp as a knife and remind herself not to fall into the occasional display of tenderness from this
man or get lost in his deep, inky eyes.

Whenever he stared at her, it always gave her the illusion of him having a deep affection for her. It was
because of this that Diana tried her best to avoid meeting him.

But now, it was inevitable.

Kayla’s disfigurement and James’s half-baked apology were far from enough.

She had vowed to take away their most precious things.

And Kayla’s most precious thing was none other than the man in front of her.

As for James…

She thought about the clothing industry under the Winnington family that James and Kayla led, which
had recently opened up with tremendous success.

She felt relieved that there was something.

Julian could sense her detachment as her gaze was no longer on him.

There was a moment when he wanted to rush forward and forcefully hold her cheeks to make her focus
more on him.

In the past, he might have kissed her in such a moment.

Those moments were when Diana was the most obedient.

Meanwhile, Diana pulled herself out of her reverie with eyes filled with determination.

“Mr. Fulcher, you want everything right now, don’t you?”

Julian was perplexed. “What do you mean by that?”

Of course, it meant wanting to possess Kayla and keep in constant contact with Diana.

Diana had never imagined someone as esteemed as Julian would have such a two-faced mentality.

Was he seeking solace in her because Kayla’s face had been horribly disfigured?

Not holding Diana accountable for the incident was also for his convenience, no?

Diana suppressed her disgust and smiled.

“It’s nothing.”

Since he was unwilling to admit it, she wouldn’t push or expose him.

She gave him an understanding smile. Standing up, she twirled in front of Julian like a fairy.

Layers of floral patterns adorned the white dress, making Diana look more enchanting than usual. Her
twirling gave her the impression of like a water nymph dancing on the water’s surface.

It was the same color Kayla always wore, but she never displayed such an effect.

Julian laughed at himself inwardly at the thought.

Well, he had always been biased, hadn’t he?

After that, he told Diana sincerely, “You should wear more white in the future.’

His tone was as domineering as always.

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