Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 529

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It also sounded more like a command, as everything Julian said did.

In the past, when she loved him, hearing him speak this way sounded wonderfully sweet.

But now…

Having seen through his true intentions and desires, she only felt a deep sense of repulsion from the
bottom of her heart.


After her firm answer, Julian belatedly realized…

Was Diana’s intention to reconcile with him genuine? Was that why she left the note back in the

Otherwise, why didn’t she argue back when he spoke with such a forceful tone?

Instead, she smiled and went along with him.

Before, he would’ve noticed the displeasure in her eyes. But now, Julian was too intoxicated by joy.

He only considered seizing the opportunity where he could as he said,” Diana, can I see you more
often from now on, just like before?”

“Okay,” Diana replied with a nod. ’It’s not like I’m angry with you anymore.”

Julian was once again pleasantly surprised. He jumped up from his seat so quickly that he might as
well have been flying.

He almost stumbled on his long legs due to the lack of space. Before Diana could react, he had already
picked her up in his arms.

As he raised her up slightly in the air by her waist, her skirt swayed and bobbed along the movement.
The layers looked like blooming ripples, creating the most beautiful scene Julian’s eyes had ever

The more he looked at her, the more beautiful she seemed.

Julian let himself sink into the blissful mood, and he desperately wished he could pull her tightly into his
embrace. He wanted to talk about the longing and frustrations he had experienced in the past few

Yet, for now, simply having her permission to meet and hold her like this made him content.

He couldn’t be too greedy.

He thought for a while and asked, “Can I come to see you tomorrow?”

He held her slender waist and gently placed her on her desk, then took out the clothes he had just
bought. “Wear this tomorrow.”

It was white.

And it was a dress.

Even after all this time, Julian’s taste still remained the same.

It seemed after Kayla had been disfigured, he had become even more determined to mold Diana into
the perfect substitute-thoroughly and completely.

The momentary pleasure of being lifted up by him faded, and Diana’s gaze dimmed.

She took the clothes from his hand and said, “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Julian thought he had misheard.

“You won’t change your mind?”

His eyes were wide, and there was no trace of the usual coldness on his face. Only a look of
astonishment was present.

Diana wasn’t accustomed to such an open expression on his face, so she averted her eyes from him


If she wanted to snatch away everything Kayla cared about, she needed to obtain Julian. If giving him
false promises would help her cause, she would do it.

Julian was elated, completely unaware of Diana’s current thoughts. He was so ecstatic, he almost
bumped into the glass door on his way out.

It wasn’t until Diana let out a soft laugh that he turned around and glanced at her as if waking up from a

There was still a smile on his lips, one that gave him the impression of a noble deity descending into
the mortal world. There was a touch of aloofness and extraordinary air around him that didn’t blend with
the mundane; it made Diana momentarily forget that this man was indeed known as a god in

As long as he was in Richburgh, its economic lifeline would survive.

And yet, only the image of his silly smile remained in her mind.

Only after Julian had walked far away did she realize she was also smiling foolishly. The pen in her
hand abruptly stopped, leaving a deep black ink mark on a blank sheet of paper.

“Don’t be moved, Diana,” she told herself sternly.

She stared at the paper, gritting her teeth as she continued to remind herself. ‘Before, he treated you
as a substitute and didn’t care about your babies. Now, you’re willingly becoming Kayla’s substitute.’’

Don’t be moved!

Otherwise, she would end up even more miserable in front of Julian and Kayla!

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