Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 527

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While it seemed like there were thousands of miles between them, it also seemed like no one else
could come close to them and that they were in their own little world.

They appeared to be a match made in heaven, yet…

The receptionist knew this photo shouldn’t exist, but the scene of them standing together was simply
too captivating for her to resist.

After giving it some thought, she gathered her courage and decided not to delete it. Instead, she
carefully saved it in her phone.

“Have a seat,’ Diana said as she pulled out a chair for him.

The sudden opportunity to meet and converse at such close proximity, coupled with Diana’s
accommodating attitude, left Julian pleasantly surprised.

The usually composed man had a rampant of emotions surging up, rendering him restless. His actions
became somewhat flustered, and he struggled clumsily to decide which item to put down first.

Diana took the initiative and reached out to take the soup from his hands, which allowed Julian to
gather himself and slowly settle down before her eyes.

Diana believed that it was the charm of her white dress. She acknowledged that everything related to
Kayla had a much greater effect than the charm Oliver had given her.

Could any favor, regardless of whether it was life-saving or not, be compared to even a single finger of
Kayla in this man’s heart?

No, it couldn’t.

This dress alone was enough to make him flustered.

Diana shoved down the sadness in her heart and looked at the man before her with seemingly calm
and serene eyes.

“I was reckless with Kayla. If you want to hold me accountable…”

“That’s between the two of you,” Julian cut her off quickly, clarifying his stance. “I never intended to get

As long as Diana wasn’t the one hurt, he could turn a blind eye forever.

Diana didn’t expect Julian to be so accommodating. She looked at the things he had brought and
sipped the soup. It tasted the same as it usually would, but the person that bought it had changed.

She could no longer dwell on her past with Julian.

Thinking about it only gave her excruciating pain.

She felt as if her heart had been hollowed out and was suffocating her.

She held her breath, and waited for the soup to go down her throat before slowly clenching her hands
and asking, “Does this dress look good on me?”

Julian was momentarily taken aback.

He didn’t expect Diana to ask such a question. It felt so intimate.

It was as if they had never had any conflicts between them.

Instantly, Julian’s mood soared. His eyes softened, and there was no trace of hostility in them.

“You look beautiful.”

The gentle tone in which he spoke reminded Diana of when she heard his confession to Kayla in the
hospital room.

Just because the color of her dress was the same as the ones Kayla often wore, Julian could let go of
any grudges against her.

Moreover, she had a face similar to Kayla’s.

Oliver claimed that the debt of saving his life was Diana’s life-saving charm, but Diana was even more
confident that the fact her face resembled Kayla’s was the real charm.

“You really won’t pursue the incident between me and Kayla?” she asked.

“I wont.”

He understood Diana could never let go of her hatred for Kayla because of their children. But he had
already taken away Kayla’s reproductive abilities, and any further action would be risking her life.

After all, he couldn’t go too far as Kayla had saved his life back when he was a child.

However, Diana was different. She was the mother of their children, and she could do anything she
wanted to Kayla. Still, he would only allow it if it didn’t hurt Diana in the end.

He was somewhat sympathetic about Kayla’s disfigurement, but as the father of the children and
Diana’s husband-or rather, ex-husband-he was more inclined to support his wife.

Thinking of this unpleasant title left a sour taste in his mouth, and his exoression turned cold.

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