Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 525

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Then, Julian took the prescribed medication and returned to Diana’s apartment.

He assumed she would’ve returned home, but learned from the property management that there had
been no movement since yesterday.


Where could she have gone?

Julian couldn’t wait even a minute longer. He wanted to see Diana as soon as possible.

After thinking it over, he went to the cemetery.

He rarely came here, and every time he did, he would think about Diana’s breakdown and the fact that
the Aster and Star were already not in this world.

As long as he didn’t come, he could continue living in his imagination and pretend that the two children
were still alive and well in this world.

Pretend… That he was still in that time when he and Diana were eagerly awaiting the birth of their

Those were the happiest moments in his life.

Julian lowered his head and looked at his own hands, reminiscing about the feeling of placing his
hands on Diana’s belly. The smile on his icy face gradually widened when he thought about it.

To his surprise, he couldn’t find Diana in the cemetery either. Julian didn’t want to face the children’s
grave alone, so he only glanced from a distance and confirmed that the touch of bright yellow was still

there before leaving again.

“Noel,” Julian said. “Try to locate Diana’s whereabouts through her phone number.”

If he continued searching aimlessly like this, it would soon be dark, and he still wouldn’t be able to see

Noel immediately received news. “She’s at the studio.”

The studio? Why was she at work when she hadn’t fully recovered?

A flicker of displeasure flashed across Julian’s face. He reached into the car and pulled out a rarely
used black phone. After a moment’s thought, he simply typed, [Are you working?]

Diana’s phone lit up, and she glanced at it after she finished drawing the design in her hand.

It was a message from Mr. Whatever.

Since their last investment, he hadn’t contacted her again. Sometimes, she wondered if this wealthy
landlord had forgotten about the investment entirely.

She didn’t expect to receive a message from him today.

She quickly replied, [Yes, is there something you need?]

The studio had just been established, and there were many areas that still required improvement.
Especially in terms of accounting, progress had been significantly delayed in recent days, so it was
normal if the investor was dissatisfied.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Whatever didn’t message her to reprimand her.

[Nothing. Just take care of yourself and ensure you have a work-life balance.]

His words came out of the blue and sounded somewhat ambiguous, Diana was stunned by it. While
she was trying to figure out what he meant by it, another message came in.

[I don’t want my investment to go to waste because of your health.]

She breathed a sigh of relief.

As it turned out he was simply concerned about her working conditions.

[Alright, please rest assured. I’ll take care of my health and do my best to make the studio’s return on
investment even higher than being a landlord.]

Her response didn’t sound scripted, and was quite pleasant to read.

Julian even wanted to have a voice call with her for a moment after reading the reply, but reason told
him that he would inevitably reveal his identity once he did that.

It was better to keep his identity as Mr. Whatever, allowing Diana to chat with him without any burden or

The smile on him grew wider, and he slowly put away the black phone he rarely used. He looked out of
the window for a bit until he noticed a shop selling soup.

“Stop the car,” he told Noel. “I’m going to buy something.”

When meeting one’s beloved, one should always give them something they liked and suited them.

In Julian’s case, he wanted to see Diana as soon as possible.

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